Tangerine Now

All of the info you need about Lake Windsor By:Zane Asad

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What's News?

  • We learn that Paul is partially blind
  • The fishers move to Tangerine
  • We learn about "The Eric Fisher Football Dream"
  • We learn about the lignite field causing the muck fires
  • Mrs. Fisher talks and meets Mr. Costello
  • Paul visits his school
  • We learn that Paul is a soccer player
  • Paul meets Mr. Murrow
  • Paul has a flashback when he was young
  • Paul goes to his first day of school
  • Paul meets Kerri
  • Paul fins out when the soccer tryouts are.


Eric and Paul aren't that similar. To peoples surprise, they don't like each other that much. Eric is a football player, and he is not only in 12th grade, he also is favorited by their farther. Paul is a 7th grader, and plays soccer. He also has to were glasses. Some similarities is that they both really don't like each other. They both play sport and their mother both likes them, and gives them both lots of attention.

Tradgedy Strikes

Mikes death was very sudden. One day, September 5, Paul and his mom went to get some food. As soon as they came out, Eric and Author walked up to them. they told them about the death. when this is over, Paul's mom goes to make some phone calls. Once this is done she talks to dad, and gets the same story. when this is happening Paul goes to put the food inside. He then hears Eric and Author down at the back yard saying that he got "Mo hawked" and rude things as such. They were also laughing. Paul realizes that this will benefit them too.


One thing that Paul is facing is a bad relationship with his family. His dad likes Eric a lot more, and he hates Eric. He also faces stress that he might not be able to make the soccer team. He also knows a dark little secret about Eric and Author including Mikes tragic death. This could form a lot of stress and anxiety about many things.

Mike Costello's death

On Tuesday, September 5, Mike Costello sadly died at football practice. He got struct by lighting when he was by the field goal. We have decided to have a funeral for his tragic death. Everyone that the Costello family approves can come to this sad funeral. Please wear some black attire. This event will be held at the Tangerine graveyard. Please show the Costello family your remarks about this very disrupting situation.