Gluten disorder

Jared spencer

Gluten allergy

An allergy to wheat barley and rye. Which causes symptoms when eating those three elements


Ab pain, diharia, bloating, cramping, rashes, and heartburn

Foods that are safe

Beans seeds and nuts

fresh eggs

Meats fish and poultry

fruits and vegitibles

most dairy products

Foods to Avoid





Avoid These Unless labeled Gluten Free

Beer, Breads, Cakes and Pies, Candies, Cereals, Crackers and Cookies, Pastas, Fries, Processed Lunch Meats, Sauces and Dressing, Different seasonings, Soups, Vegitibles in Sauce.

How Long Does this Last?

The Gluten free allegy usually lasts a lifetime. Not many people grow out of the allergy, although its not life threatoning the symtoms and finding the right foods can be a hassle.