BISD student directions for setting up a blog!

Blogger is Linked to Google!

First things first.

Log into your BISD Google account. See graphic below for the username and password convention.

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Read through these directions and then follow them carefully.

Click here for how-to help with blogger.

Quick Start Directions:

  • Search for ""
  • It will take you to a colorful site and you will choose CREATE A BLOG.
  • It will probably ask you to re-enter your district Google password. Do that.
  • Then it will ask you for a DISPLAY NAME. This is what will show when you respond to other blogs, so it should be your first and last name (or last initial). Click on CONTINUE TO BLOGGER when you finish this step.
  • Next, you will see a new screen and you will click on NEW BLOG on the left.
  • It will then give you a choice between a Google+ Profile or a Blogger profile. Choose the Blogger Profile. (Create a limited Blogger profile.)
  • The next screen will have title, address, template, and CREATE BLOG! Make school-appropriate choices for the title and address. It may take a few different tries on the address to get one that isn't already taken.
  • The next pop up will be "domain name" and you should click on NO THANKS.
  • Click on the NEW POST on the top left and start writing your entries!
  • You can play with how it all looks later, but it is a good idea to get a post in there first.

Step 1: Create Blog

Once you get to, click on CREATE YOUR BLOG.

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Step 2: Type your display name.

You will type in your first and last name (or just last initial, if you want) and this is what people will see when you are commenting on other blogs. Then, click on CONTINUE TO BLOGGER.
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Step 3: Click on NEW BLOG.

Click on the gray button on the left that says NEW BLOG.
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Step 4: Click on BLOGGER PROFILE.

Click on BLOGGER PROFILE and CONTINUE TO BLOGGER. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Be very careful with this step. If you do not click on BLOGGER PROFILE, your account may be disabled.
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Step 5: Choosing a blog TITLE, ADDRESS, and TEMPLATE.

Try not to over-think this one. Remember, a blog is like an online writing journal. The TITLE is like a title you would give to your journal. Choose something that is meaningful and school-appropriate. Also, think about using this blog for the next few years, so choose something that will still be good for you as you get older. For ADDRESS, you are basically giving blogger some options for the web address it will create for this online journal. This also needs to be appropriate and not too long. If there is already another blogger account with the address you type, a pop-up will show that says "that address is not available." Keep trying until you find one that is available. Then, choose a template quickly for now (you will have time later to play with different templates.) Click the big CREATE BLOG button.
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Step 6: Domain Name?

When blogger asks if you want to buy a DOMAIN NAME, click on NO THANKS.
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Click here to see screencast of fast blog creation.

It only takes a few steps to get you up and blogging! Watch it here in this example.

Posting Tips and Pointers!

Post Title and the Post

In the top box that says POST TITLE, you will type the title of the post. Keep in mind that this is how you search for this piece of writing later, so make it something memorable and specific. In the POST section, you will not have to put a title. You have the ability to add in images, links, and text in this area.
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If you are ready to share your writing with the world, then click on PUBLISH. This means that you want others to read your finished piece of work that you are proud of. If you still want to work on a piece of writing, then click on SAVE and CLOSE. You will be able to go back in and edit it in DRAFTS.
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Google Basics Background Information

Quick How-To Video About Sharing Blog with Your Teacher

Sharing Instructions

Once your blog is created, you will go to SETTINGS (on the left at the very bottom.) Click on SETTINGS and then scroll down to ADD AUTHORS. You will type in your teacher's school email address. Then click on the INVITE AUTHORS box to send the invite.
Blogger for Students - Student Blog Creation

Selecting a FEATURED POST in your blog

Directions to Set up a FEATURED POST in blogger.

1. In the Overview screen, scroll down to LAYOUT on the left.

2. Click on LAYOUT.

3. Then, click on ADD A GADGET in the gray template that appears. It is a good idea to add this in the CROSS HEADER section so that it appears high in the blog.

4. A new box will open that has lots of gadget options. Click on the FEATURED POST option that is close to the top.

5. A new selection box will open and you should see all of your post titles on the bottom left. Click on the one that you want to spotlight, choose, or feature.

6. Then, click on the orange SAVE.

7. Go up to the VIEW BLOG button at the top and click on it to see how the featured post looks in your actual blog.