The Western Cordilleras

Why you should visit today

Location and Cities

There are two provinces in the western cordilleras which are Yukon and the British Columbia. There are many beautiful locations to visit in Yukon like the Yukon River, Yukon art centre, Copperbelt Railway and mining museum, Lake Laberge, the Shwatka Lake, and the Whitehorse Waterfront Trolley and many more. Some locations in British Columbia are The Royal British Columbia Museum, Emerald Lake, Science world, Canadian Rockies, British Columbia Wildlife Park, Atlantis Waterslides and many more.

Rock types to discover

There are three types of rocks found in the western cordilleras which are Metamorphic Rock, Igneous Rock and Sedimentary Rock.

How this region was formed

There are three parts to this region. First the Eastern mountains where the Rockies were formed by faulting and folding. Second the Interior Plateus, in the middle of the Western Cordilleras were formed due to the volcanic acitivity. And Third the Coast Mountains were created from the Pacific plate going underneath the north american plate, and the pressure from this caused magma to rise into the earth's crust, when it cooled, the coast mountains were created

Land use and activities

  1. Industry
  2. Mining exploration
  3. Recreation
  4. Orchards
  5. Transportation

And we have Breathtaking Views