Tuina Chinese Medical Massage

Six-month Certification Course

Become a qualified Tuina professional in Scotland!

The College of Chinese Medical Massage, located in Edinburgh, is proud to offer the only professional Certification Course in Tuina in Scotland.

Tuina 推拏

Tuina Chinese Medical Massage is a of manipulative therapy commonly used for the symptomatic relief of pain and the treatment of neuro and musculoskeletal conditions. Tuina uses techniques that push (Tui) and grasp (Na) soft tissue, including stretches and manipulations. It is one of five branches of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM).


Frequently Asked Questions

Why study with us?

Our six-month certification course is ideally suited for everyone aspiring to be a health practitioner, or for the more seasoned health professional who wants to expand their knowledge and enter the field of Chinese medicine.

What will you learn?

  • basic hand techniques of Tuina massage, such as gun fa (rolling), an fa (pressing), yao fa (stretching), rou fa (kneeding), mou fa (rubbing), bo fa (plucking), etc.
  • manipulation of all areas of the body, namely, head and neck, shoulder and chest, arms and hands, upper back, lower back, hips and pelvis, legs and feet.
  • fundamental principles of TCM.

How much will it cost?

Tuition fees amount to £1.500 which includes an initial £300 deposit upon registration with the College.


Upon succesfull completion of the course you will receive a professional certificate from the London College of Chinese Medicine.

-- Tuina Scotland Staff --