Digital Citizenship Project

Davyn C., Period 5

Rule#1 Digital Etiquette

Think before you do or think before you post say to yourself is it True? Helpful?Inspirational?Necessary?Kind?

Rule#2 Information Privacy

Never give out your personal information or even when you do always look what they're going to do with it and always look closely

Rule#3 Social Networking

Never post any personal information or even friend people you don't know

Rule#4 Online Safety

When your on a social network cite always stay unknown also never give out any personal information

Rule#5 Cyberbullying

Never say things that might hurt somebody feelings on the internet or even bully somebody on the internet

Rule#6 Plagiarism

Never take somebody words and making them yours and if you are using their words always use quotation marks

Rule#7 Copyright

If you see the copyright always ask the maker of what it is permission

What is Digital Citizenship?

A Digital Citizenship is things that you have to learn about the internet and what the rules are. For example Social Networking never give out any personal information or anything that is inappropriate. There are important rules for when your on the internet and some that you should all ready know. There are so many things that you have to know when your on the internet or when your on a social networking website. These 7 rules will be have to be followed when your on the internet and outside the internet.