Should books be banned in schools

Smore by: Mason Leath

Reasons to why books would be banned.

There are many reasons but I have 10. The first would be racial theme or depicting racism. The second is Alternative lifestyles and "deviant" behaviors. The third reason some books are banned is profanity and the fourth being sexual content. The fifth is Violence the sixth is Negativity and the seventh is Witchcraft. The eighth and ninth are both on unpopular views number eight being on religious views and nine on political views. And the final one is a theme unsuitable for any particular age group.

Why you can't just ban books instantly.

I have found five reasons to why you can't just say you don't like a book and ban it. The first being you may not like the book but that is no reason for you to take it away from someone. Number two is that "Protecting" your children from difficult realities of the world is futile because it will get to them eventually. Number three is that books are one of our best teachers in everything. Four is that banned books are going to become celebrated classics. The final reason is that books really can change the world.

Rights that are taken away.

This get rid of freedom of the press because the authors need something to write about without being challenged at all.
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