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Oil field equipments

Oil is a commodity without which the entire world would come to halt and almost everyone in this world understands the importance of oil in their life. People who work in oil-fields or in profession related to oil-fields understand the need of variety of industrial equipment in this trade. This is is the reason this trade requires highly skilled and experienced professional for specific jobs to be done with accurate precision. Oil-fields require a lot of tools and variety of instruments to carry out different works such as drilling, testing, transportation and much more. Thus the need of equipments in an oil industry is much different than others because of its nature of work and a majority of the work requires very safe and accurate operation, control and transportation.

Oilfield API Couplings

Whatever type of oil field or oil industry it is the most common thing that one gets to observe is a variety of pipes. One gets to see pipes here and there horizontal or vertical different shapes and sizes as this is one of the most component in any oil industry. One gets to see drill pipe used to drilling of hole which is kind of digging a hole in the ground to take out oil. A variety of other coupling and tubing pipes are used in this industry to carry out smooth operation. Oilfield tubing is one of the most important processes where in the tubing process a pipe is used to transport crude oil and natural gas from an oil or gas layer to the surface once the drilling is done.

These tubing pipes are manufactured to withstand the pressure during the oil and gas extraction process. These tubing pipes are thick and strong enough to take the pressure and transport oil and gas from the surface to a particular place. A variety of oilfield tubing pipes are available for different needs like oil-field API-5CT EUE tubing pipe, API-5CT NUE tubing pipe, API-5CT Integral-joint tubing pipe and many others as per the industry need.

Then there are different oil couplings where two pipes are integrated with the help of oilfield couplings. Thus coupling is defined as a short length of tubing pipe which is used to join two pipes together. Couplings are of different variety like API tubing coupling and API Casing coupling as per different oil and gas industry needs.

These couplings come in different shapes and sizes depending in different diameters. These are designed as per the need of the drilling and oil field tubing’s. These couplings are made as per the specific standard and are majorly made up still to offer a solid and robust joining to two different pipes. EUE petroleum couplings can cover diameter from 77.80 mm to 141.30 mm and are petty reliable when used.

There are variety of other tools and techniques used in oil-field industry and different products are available in the market as per the industry requirement. However the tubing’s and coupling are the most important products and thus has to come from a reliable source so as to make the oil and gas industry operation smooth and effective.

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