Weller Weekly

January 11 - 15, 2016

What is going on at Weller?

Monday (1/11)
  • Mr. Dake's Class Money for Meals winning field trip: serve Homeless Veteran Lunch
  • Coding Club 3:45
  • French Club 3:45 (1st & 2nd grades)

Tuesday (1/12)

  • Dr. D out of building a.m.
  • 4th Grade iReady/MOY Data Analysis 9:00
  • 5th Grade iReady/MOY Data Analysis 12:30
  • Staff Meeting @ 4 P.M.

Wednesday (1/13)

  • Dr. D out of building at Senior Leadership Meeting
  • Literacy Team Meetings
  • We love Nurse Kristin Luncheon!
  • ELP Tutoring 3:35-5:15

Thursday (1/14)

  • ELP Tutoring 3:35-5:15

Friday (1/15)

  • Weller P.R.I.D.E. Celebration
  • 5th Grade Eagle Day Field Trip (10 a.m.)
  • Happy 3 Day Weekend!

Coming up:

  • 1/19 Leadership Teams Meet
  • 1/21 Appy Hour at Sherwood Elementary (4:30--6:00)

Gotta know it...

Welcome back after the wonderful two week break. This past week has been a busy one! We've had four grade levels look at their data and standards, at last count we've enrolled 14 new kids, a few more fidelity checks were completed, and I've started doing some observations again. Being in your classrooms has been the best part of the week. I'm amazed at how you have all jumped right back in with an urgency for instruction. The teaching and learning going on at Weller should make us proud to be part of this team, it does me! Here are a few things you "gotta know"...

  • PTO drive ends next Friday. Please encourage parents to join and join yourself!

  • For those who did not meet with me regarding the MOY Growth Plan, please note you will be expected to upload 1-2 artifacts for each indicator by April 1st. These should be uploaded at the bottom of your page, not on each observation.

  • Custom sick days are for hourly or part-time employees only. Full time salaried employees can only take half or entire days for sick leave.

  • 23 out of 34 District Leadership Effectiveness Surveys for Weller have been completed. Thanks for giving your feedback.

  • Shop with a HERO is coming soon. I've already received a couple names of possible shoppers and a HERO. After all names are received, we will use the criteria to determine three shoppers from Weller. Please check your email and let me know if you have a student who would be a great candidate OR if you'd like to be a personal shopper HERO!

  • Be sure you're reading the ENTIRE Weller Weekly. You are responsible for information in this and from emails sent your way. I know your days are busy so be sure to set aside time to stay informed.

  • Our staff meeting this week will be a reflection on us as a team and provide you with opportunity to give feedback about how the leadership teams can support you best. I will also share expectations I have as we take data from the reading fidelity checks to move forward in our learning.

MAKE A BIG DEAL ABOUT ATTENDANCE! Attendance Card for this Week...

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