Henry Ford & Model T

A Gatsby Background Project - By Len.C

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The booming of the Model T in the 1920s.

  • Henry Ford, the owner of Ford Motor Company, made the Model T a more affordable car for average consumer, not only for wealth.
  • After the Model T was affordable, this mean that other rival car companies must create their own cheap car to compete which is good for the consumer.
  • The Model T, or called "Tin Lizzie" become a American folkloric symbols by democratizing the automobile.
  • The Model T price during the late 1920s was about $300. The original price was $1200.
  • About 20% of the people in America has an automobile.
  • During the 1920s, cars that are affordable also change the way people use it. Gangster use cars as a getaway car after robberies.
  • The Model T was only in standard color, black, due for long lasting.
  • Between 1913 to 1927 , the Model T was produced over 15 million.
  • The Model T is popular for its price, durable, and ease of maintenance.
  • Production like steel, rubber, and leather were part of the car industry.
  • Alongside of the production of the Model T means more roads were construct as well.
  • Henry Ford increase his workers wage for $5 for a eight hour work. Which also set the standard for industry.
  • Ford Motor Company was one of the largest automotive manufacturer in the world after 1927.
  • Henry Ford revolutionized the way how American industry put into mass production plant like interchangeable parts and moving assembly line.
  • Henry Ford was more toward into efficient and reliable automobile that is affordable for everyone which created the Model T.
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