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Classrooms Are Flipping, Does It Really Help Students?

Highlights from EdWeek.org's webinar, “What Works in Flipped Classrooms” :

This EdWeek.org's webinar, "What Works in Flipped Classrooms", can be viewed from the archive at http://www.edweek.org/ew/marketplace/webinars/webinars.html. It is a valuable resource to anyone interested in moving from a teacher-centered classroom to a student-centered classroom. The speakers were very knowledgeable about the subject, because they have implemented the model in their classrooms for more than three years. Research is still being collected to determine if this model is helpful for students academically. However, observations and student responses taken from sessions in these classrooms indicate students are improving in the creativity, evaluating, and analyzing abilities.

Additional Resources

These additional resources support the information about flipped classrooms. Check them out if you would like to implement this model in your classroom.

Why I Flipped My Classroom?


This video shows advantages of using the flipped classroom model. Using the teacher-centered model does not give enough time for differentiation, but student-centered learning becomes self-paced with the teacher helping students learn how to learn. With more class time spent on applying the content, students are more engaged and challenged.

The Flipped Classroom


This presentation gives a good overview of a flipped classroom along with statistics showing an increase in student achievement when using this teaching model. The infographic provides a good visual representation of the model and would be helpful when presenting the flipped classroom model to school staff.

The Flipped Classroom: Pro and Con


This article looks at the “what” and “why” of flipped classrooms. After reading this article, the reader has a good understanding of the flipped classroom model. To implement flipped classroom the focus is shifted from teacher deliver to student delivery. This site explains this concept well but does not present instructional strategies for shifting to a student centered classroom.

30 Flipped Classroom Tools From Edshelf


This website is a curated resource for educators wanting to flip their classroom. The tools on this site are helpful in creating multimedia instruction.