Makayla Eagle

Four Noble Truths

1. Suffering and unhappiness are a part of human life. No one can escape sorrow.

2. Suffering comes from our desires for pleasure and material goods.

3. People can overcome desire and ignorance and reach nirvana, a state of perfect peace.

4. People can overcome ignorance and desire by following an eightfold path that leads to wisdom, enlightenment, and salvation.

8 Fold Path

Created by Buddha and is a order to relieve suffering and become awakened and enlightened. The eightfold path is the core of Buddhist practice and lifestyle.

1.Right View (understanding 4 Noble Truths)

2.Right Intention (Doing things for right reasons)

3.Right Speech (no gossip / idle chat / lying)

4.Right Conduct / Action (being useful/helpful)

5.Right Livelihood (a good / helpful job)

6.Right Effort (Work hard towards keeping to 4NT and 8FP)

7.Right Mindfulness (Awareness / See things in the right way/Understanding how your actions affect everything around you)

8.Right Concentration (Meditation)