My Dream!

The key to becoming a Special Effects Make-up Artist.

Read through the wonderful journey of my dream.

My ultimate dream is to become a Special Effects Make-up Artist.

It's inspiring, it makes me think, and lets me be creative.

I understand it extremely well, and it creates a whole new perspective.

I plan to travel a lot and this career would be the perfect fit.

I'm exceptionally well at it too!

My goals to accomplish this are..

I am going take classes and participate in as much as my school offers to pursue a better understanding for this dream of mine.

I am currently a sophomore in high school and am trying my best to keep my grades up.

I plan to go to college and enroll in classes that will help me develop a career.

I have been looking into Academy of Art Academics for this!

My advise for everyone who plans to pursue in life, take opportunity's!

Becoming a Special Effects Makeup Artist is like the world becoming my own canvas entirely!

A special effects make-up artist works with live models or structures in the entertainment industry.

Here is a video in case you want a walk through!