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A Guide to Professional Development and ProGOE Usage

Welcome to the ProGOE Press - Edition 9

This quarterly newsletter will be sent to School Site Inservice Representatives and ESF Course Creators to provide support for using ProGOE, storage and handling of professional development records, and other issues that can impede the accuracy of our transcript system. The newsletter will contain tips for SIRs and ESF Staff, as well as video tutorials and other helpful information.

Happy Fall Ya'll

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Elementary Leading and Learning Conference Points Are In!

The in-service points for the Elementary Leading & Learning Conference are in. We had many teachers who did not complete an implementation form. We will be offering those teachers a second chance to complete their implementation. I am working now to send personal emails to those who did not complete an implementation. If you have any teachers who did not complete the implementation for the conference, but would like to get their points, feel free to forward this link.

Principals and Assistant Principals, I would ask that you encourage your staff to check their transcripts to make sure their in-service points are showing up for the conference. As best practice, instructional staff should always check their transcripts after trainings occur to ensure their credits are showing up. In most cases, except for large conference, points should be appearing on the transcript no later than 1 month post training.

Plans are ready

By now you are already utilizing the new 21-22 evaluations. Please remind teachers to complete the orientation check off so they can show as complete. If they never completed their orientation at the beginning of the year, make sure it gets done immediately. If you have new employees that are not familiar with ProGOE, please feel free to provide them with this helpful orientation guide.

Principals or Assistant Principals can reach out to Shannon Alvarez if you have any questions about evaluations, unlocking of files, or assigning of plans.

Remind your teachers to request points for conferences or PD taken this summer outside of BPS

Click here for directions on how teachers can request credit for workshops they take outside of the BPS system. All credit requests for summer training must be submitted to our office no later than November 30, 2021. Sometimes teachers will forget, or may not even know, they an request credits for training taken during the summer through vendors outside of BPS. This is a great time to remind them.
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At the conclusion of an inservice, it is the job of the ProGOE Site Inservice Representative to go into ProGOE and award attendance and credits for all participants. Every person on the roster MUST HAVE something in the REGISTRATION STATUS column and something in the GRADE column. Every person on the roster should have something in both columns. If they attended the workshop and stayed the entire length of time, then it should always be marked COMPLETE. If they did not show up you can mark them as NO SHOW or REQUESTED WITHDRAWAL depending on the circumstances. In the GRADE column, they either completed an implementation and earned a grade or they did not. There should be no grey area. Please make sure participants are not left hanging in courses, it can interfere with future course enrollments.

In addition, if someone received NO CREDIT in the grade column, please ALWAYS make sure to go to the CREDIT button and change their credits to ZERO. This important step can not be left out.

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ProGOE Training

ProGOE Training for School Based Personnel

Our training for school site inservice representatives, assistant principals, and school principals is now online. Our course is ending December 10th. If you have anyone in need of training, please have them enroll soon Section#410505. Once they enroll, they will need to email me to let me know they have registered for the course. Then I will assign their credentials and place them.

ProGOE Training for ESF Staff

Tuesday, Jan. 25th 2022 at 1-3:30pm

2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Melbourne, FL

This is an initial training for Resource Teachers, Directors, Administrative Assistants, and other professionals working at ESF. Those who have already been trained may also sign up for the course as a refresher.

ProGOE Course#10509

How to Find Your Credits for Renewal (Watch this short video)

Finding credits on your transcript