Apple apps for education

Relating to secondary Biology and Spanish subjects

Apple apps

The following apps can be used with apple products in the class. Some of these can be considered web 2.0 apps while a few of them can be used for simple review purposes.
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Hudson Alpha iCell

This app can be used to help students to review or learn parts of a variety of types of cells. This app is free and requires no registration.
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This app can be used for review or for individual personal study of vocabulary, grammatical elements, verb conjugation and many other things. The app does require registration but is free. The app is interesting since it has an element of achievements and rewards that will hopefully motivate the student to learn on their own time.
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Spanish verb conjugación

This app can serve as a reference tool for Spanish verb conjugation. It is free and does not require registration.
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This app can work as an extension of the Edmodo social network site. It does require registration and is free. Additionally, there is a specific Edmodo for parents app, which is the same as an Edmodo account for parents.
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Nearpod is an app that allows students and teachers to sync up with each other and it allows for students to have copies of presentations (powerpoint etc.). Additionally, if students are synced up with the teacher in class, Nearpod can cue the students to answer questions in a quiz or respond to a poll. Nearpor allows for registration through a google account.