Emergency Medical Services ...... By Stephen Daniel

What do Paramedics do?

Paramedics are health care workers that respond to emergencies where someone may be injured. Typically they are dispatched when someone calls 911 to report their emergency. They respond to most any situation where someone is hurt or sick to the point where they need immediate medical attention. They can either drive or fly you to the hospital.

What education is required and what is desired?

The minimal education to become a Paramedic is an Associates degree. Due to poor payment in some cities, one may find it useful to get a bachelors, or if they are ambitious, a masters. If the payment is still not good, you might want to find a better company. You don't automatically become a Paramedic once you get the college education you need. You need to get certified as an EMT-4, meaning you have to work your way up. For each level, you are required to complete a certain amount of time, and get state certified in each level, and eventually, if you keep moving up you will reach the top level of EMT-4 or Paramedic. The main goal is to make yourself look appealing by doing extra education and things of that sort.


When it comes to payment, money is important. The most common reply of the question, ''Do you like your job?'' is ''The work is fun, but I'm broke.'' Because of this, it's important that you be smart with your money and find a good employer. Some states pay higher, for example, Las Vegas pays $35 dollars an hour, while in Alabama pays a whopping $14 dollars an hour. Get all the way up in education and training, of course. It will help by going to master a foreign language, taking lots of AP classes and go to a good college to get a bachelors. Even though you may not get paid a lot, it helps to know that you would enjoy the work. And that is really what matters, as long as you have enough money to pay off your bills and still have some left over for essentials, preferably non-essentials also.

Is it worth it?

In my opinion, I think it may be worth it. If you can figure out a good plan to make good money, you get 2 luxuries: Doing what you love and getting paid well too. While the money is low and is quite discouraging, it does not have to be a lifetime job. The fun in the job and the honor that comes with it makes it very appealing. There is something to enjoy in every health care career, but this one is something that you're not in for for the money. Be a smart manager of your money. Keep your mind open to other jobs and maybe you could work part-time.

Overall, I like helping people get better when they need help. I love the feeling that comes with helping someone get or feel better. It is very likely that I will pursue this career, unless something else catches my interest or I decide that I am unable to function on low funds, but only if all else fails. I expect the pay will be good wherever I go because I know i'll choose the one right for me.