and the J.E.R.K'S

Chapter 1: Our Group

part 1: Butterflies in my stomach

The first day in the third grade.''I was a little nervous and I didn't try to run away like this girl named aniyah at my preschool still don't no where she went!

part 2: The J.E.R.K'S

We decided to make a group. I introduced Britton to Ahmad my best friend from 1st and 2nd grade. Me and britton got the idea ahmad should join us.Britton said we need to come up with a name for our group. I said ''okay''.Ms. Graebe our teacher said its time for recess That's when we started to plan a name.

part 3:Amir and cooper

After we came up with the''name''we walked track and we saw two boy's playing soccer and

Britton said''hi i'm Britton this is Shane and Ahmad were the J.E.R.K'S what's your name''I'm Amir and this is Cooper we talked and soon we decided to be friends. We Finished The Group.

part 4: Minecraft

We began to talk a little and I bruong up this game called's really popular. it's a game you can build craft and fight in the basis we all like minecraft and all we do is talk about it.

Chapter 2: The Test ✍🏿🤔

part 5: Anounciation

After we came back from recess.Ms.Graebe anounced that the BOG'S were tomorrow. Britton said ''what are the BOG's exactly''ms. graebe said the begging of third grade testing.

part 6: B.O.G

''OK today's the day I just hope I pass and nobody say's I got a bad score''Ms. Graebe anounced that the b.o.g lasted for about 9 hours she said''3 pencil's in the air 2 touch your paper 1! go!!!! we all rushed to start thinking that it was a race to finish. speeding through every blazing question like we were the flash but,they weren't racing to a finish line like the turtle and the hare.

part 7: farewell B.O.G

We all just finished the B.OG ms.Graebe just gave us all brain booster's''AKA.. livesaver's mint's'' we all gazed at the lovely tasty minty piece of mint as it floated onto our desks.''gobble gobbble GOBBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' '' be quiet you CHICKENS'' said yandel ''

part 8: It Start's

I walk into my classroom on the fourth day and I see two girls.''Hi Aniyah Hi Za'ria'' I said'' Hey shane'' said Za'ria ''Who are these two''said Britton ''My friends from last year'' I said ''oh I see''said britton ''britton were still friends but, I need your help to decied if one of them should be in our group I whispered.

part 9: I think we should let them...

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