Welcome to My News Letter

Emily How

Earthquake PBL

The Earthquake PBL was all about trying to build an earthquake resistant house for Tony Stark. We had to do this by following our driving question which was, how can we, as structural engineers, build a house for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? We had to pick a place in california to build it in. The main goal for picking it was to not build it in a high earthquake risk place and to build it away from major earthquakes in the past. We had to pick the right materials to build an earthquake resistant home. We did build a model of our project after when we were done planning. After the model, we put it in the shake table. In the end of the project, I learned that you need strong and flexible metal for an earthquake resistant house. I also learned that major earthquakes that happened in the past can happen again.

30 Hands Project

In our 30 Hands Project I learned a lot of things. Like I learned that the polar bear species is endangered because of Climate Change. I also learned what greenhouse gases are made from. Now after this project, I now know that the Greenhouse Effect can cause changes in the atmosphere. Also, I learned that the atmosphere has different layers.

I enjoyed lots of things in our 30 Hands Project. I made the background for lots of slides. I enjoyed making the slides and adding images to them. I also enjoyed doing the voice recording. I liked making the script too.

30 Hands- Global Climate Change

Invention Convention

My innovation solves coral bleaching. Coral bleaching makes coral die, causing coral reefs to becomd indangered. This is basicly a thanks to climate change. This happens when water gets too hot, causing the algae on the coral to get stressed. When the get stressed they move away from the coral tissue. The algae makes the coral able to live and it gives them color. With this algae not on the coral, they turn white and die.

My innovation helps solve this problem by making the water around coral reefs cooler. It does this by using refrigerants and a fan to cool the ice at the upper part of my innovation, powered by the sun. Then, at the bottom a door opens up putting water in. The door for the top opens up cooling the water. After that it is released back into the ocean, and it repeats.

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My Favorite Unit

Out of the whole year, my favorite unit would have to be Unit 2: Plate Tectonics. I choose this because it was the most intresting of them all and it wanted to make me learn more about it. I also learned about Pangea and the continental drift. I learned about ridges and trenches. Also I learned that theres an uneven balance of the number of them in the Pacific Ocean and the Alantic Ocean. We did fun labs and activites during this unit. Like the Pangea map was a fun one, I also liked it because we had Mr. Addison teaching us.