PRINCIPAL'S PEACE by Lesley Austin

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January is a perfect time for reflection and new beginnings. I love the idea that we can look at the previous year, identify what we did well and areas in which we want to improve. So, for many of us, the new year brings an opportunity to create a new and improved version of ourselves. Sometimes that means new diet and exercise programs, plans to save up or pay off debt, making better grades, or even simplifying our busy lives. Whatever your resolutions were for the new year, pursue them with your whole hearts, include others in your plan for encouragement and accountability, and celebrate small achievements!

With this focus in mind, our guidance lesson for this month will be held on January 22nd and 23rd and is entitled “Happy and Healthy.” In the lesson, I will be encouraging students to develop health and fitness goals and set up a plan for how to achieve them. And, one strategy that we can use to reach our goals is to recruit friends and family to join us. So, get involved and reach for the stars!

If you want more information about guidance lessons or other activities that the counseling program has planned, check out the Counselor’s Corner on the Maypearl Junior High website. In addition, you can still sign up for text notifications through Remind.

7th Grade Students and Parents: Text the message @mrsfard to (817)984-5973

8th Grade Students and Parents: Text the message @mrsfarda to (817)984-5973

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All About FOR Club by Haley Knight and Haylie Beard

What is FOR Club? This unique program provides opportunities for our school to partner with Rachel's Challenge to continue a chain reaction of kindness and compassion in our school and community. The name of FOR Club is an acronym for Friends of Rachel.

Rachel Scott was the first person killed in the Columbine High School tragedy. She left behind this amazing legacy known as Rachel's Challenge. Her dream was to touch millions of peoples' hearts and spread kindness around the world. Rachel's challenge is to stop bullying while encouraging others to feel good about themselves putting their needs before yours.

FOR Club meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month.

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COOPER MAXWELL - 7th Grade Boy Spotlight by Tyce Mease and Connor Ward

Our featured 7th grade boy this issue is Cooper Maxwell. Cooper was born on January 4, 2002. He shared many things about himself with us. We found his favorite book interesting, The Maze Runner. He has traveled to Texas, Florida, and Mississippi. When asked who he looks up to he said, "Pistol Pete." Next he told us he's never been on a cruise ship, but he wants to go on one before he graduates. Lastly, we asked him what has been the scariest moment of his life and his response was the first time he rode the Titan rollercoaster at Six Flags.
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Words to the Wise contributed by Seth Eastwood

Never Give Up

No matter what you do,

don't ever stop believing in

your most treasured dreams.

The horizon of tomorrow

may hold surprises

that will make things better

than you ever imagined.

So never give up hope,

and don't ever stop working on

the change you'd like to make

and the goals you would love to achieve.

Just move ahead one day at a time,

and -- as the saying goes --

keep your eyes on the prize.

If you keep on doing your best,

the rest will follow.

~~Chris Gallatin

Don't be discouraged by failure. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ~~Thomas Alva Edison
Courage. Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. ~~T. S. Eliot
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KENDAL BARKER - 7th Grade Girl Spotlight by Chasity Roberson and Cloe Carrizales

Kendal enjoys barrel-racing and volleyball. She has one little sister and her inspiration is Jesus because he is holy and pure. Her favorite hobby is horseback riding because she likes the feeling of the speed and freedom. Her dream job is to ride in the NFR and the college(s) she wants to attend are the University of Texas or Texas A&M. Her career choice has been inspired by Falon Taylor, a horseback rider in the NFR. Taylor also starred in 2 1/2 Men.
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Brain Puzzlers submitted by Seth Eastwood

What is black when you buy it, red as you see it, and gray when you throw it out.


Why is it dangerous to do math in the jungle?

If you add 4 and 4, you get 8.

Two fathers and two sons went duck hunting. Each shot a duck, but they shot only three ducks in all. How come?

The hunters were a man, his son, and his grandson.

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MERRITT'S MOMENTS by Chasity Roberson and Cloe Carrizales

Besides hunting, Coach Merritt enjoys working on his ranch. If Coach Merritt ever became president the first law he would pass is the Alien and Sedition Acts. Merritt attended college at Texas A&M where he enjoyed playing rugby. Merritt enjoys watching softball. His favorite softball player is Jenny Finch. When Merritt moved from the country, one of his coaches took him under his wing and mentored him. His coach inspired him to be a teacher with his kind acts. Merritt thoroughly enjoys teaching and decided to teach history because he likes talking about the past and economics. Merritt would teach seniors if he got to choose between all grades. He looks up to his uncle because he is a hard-working man and they have the same beliefs in life.
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MASON MATHERS - 8th Grade Boy Student Spotlight by Landon Routh and Justin Charles

We chose Mason Mathers as the 8th grade student spotlight for our January issue. Mason has high goals for himself and is definitely in a position to achieve them. He wants to finish in the top five in his class, attend either Louisville or Oklahoma State, and play college basketball. He said what means most to him is family and his role model is his Grandpa.
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STUCO - Student Council by Andrew Jett

The MJHS Student Council consists of seven members. These members were voted upon by the student body. Officers are:

Cole Creech - president

Andrew Jett - vice-president

Addie Jo Griffin - secretary

Ainsley Brown - treasurer

Lauren Hyles - historian

Jordan Chenault - representative

Lillian Casana - representative

STUCO met on Wednesday, January 14th, and began to plan their activities and projects for the rest of the school year. Tune in to future issues of Panther Nation and watch the walls and doors for postings of STUCO activities.

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A BIT OF HUMOR by Carson McManus

What do you call a cow with no legs?

ground beef

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TAYLOR DAUGHERTY - Girls' Coach by Karlye Steadman and Desiree Patlan

Our interview with Ms. Daugherty gave us some very interesting information. Her responses were very good. We found that Coach Daugherty wants to help her players to better understand the sport that they play so they can be prepared and ready for high school sports. Also, what made her become a coach were the coaches she had in high school.

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All artwork contributed by Nick Dunbar, 8th Grade
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A BIT OF HUMOR by Carson McManus

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Opportunity who?

I thought that doesn't knock twice!

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Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Mustache who?

I mustache you a question.

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SKYLAR WININGHAM - 8th Grade Girl Student Spotlight

Not long ago, Skylar Winingham joined 8th grade here in Maypearl. We asked her a few questions and found out some interesting things about her.

She transferred here from Midlothian and so far, she says that she has enjoyed it here because the people are nice and the teachers seem to offer a great education.

Speaking of education, she would like to attend college as an Aggie after graduating from high school to study medical and health. She hopes to become a doctor.

Also, she likes to describe herself as independent, creative, and smart. Lastly, something she thinks is quirky about her is that she stresses out about the dumbest things.

We are glad you are here Skylar.

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COACH UNDERWOOD - Boys' Coach by Karlye Steadman and Desiree Patlan

Our interview with Coach Underwood was great and he had some really good responses. He wants to help his students become better players by pushing them to their max to make it a challenge. Once they reach their max, he then has them dig a little deeper and give more effort. Underwood was inspired by his coach in high school to become a coach like he is now. Coach Ken Loyd is the coach. He taught Coach Underwood some of the things the life lessons that he still follows to this day.

Coach Underwood is eligible to retire in 15 years and the thing he most wants to be in is the ministry field. I mean, don't get me wrong, he loves teaching and coaching, but he wants to go into the ministry field.

The sports he coaches are football, basketball, and track. He also coaches a youth league baseball team in Venus and he works with pitchers in fast-pitch softball. His favorite sport that he loves coaching is basketball.

Coach Underwood thinks teaching and coaching is the most rewarding profession there is. When he was in high school, he played football, basketball, and baseball. His goal as a coach is to be someone that can help kids reach their full potential. Also, to show the players how to achieve their goals, and do it the right way as Coach Loyd would say. Last, but not least, following God's guidance is every way possible is very important to Coach Underwood.

COMING AND GOING by Haley Newman and Pricilla Medina

Going: We are sad to say that Sophia Miegs has had to leave us, but are happy to know that she will soon make great friends and wonderful memories at her new school in Waxahachie.

A couple of new students Brian Worley, 7th grade and Skylar Winingham, 8th grade. Welcome to you both!

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BOYS BASKETBALL by Sam Taylor and Derrick Studer

There are four boys' basketball teams at MJHS coached by Underwood, Lawson, Rodriguez, and Ryan. Two 8th grade teams and two 7th grade teams. Recently these guys played in a tournament in Venus. 7th and 8th grade A teams placed 3rd overall with both grade levels winning big over Rio Vista and suffering disappointing losses to Hillsboro. Mason Mathers, Dustin Goetz and Chris Gloria are consistent high point for the 8th grade team. Brigman, Mease, and Lewis top the 7th grade point earners.

Remaining home games are January 22 against Kemp, January 26 against Faith Family, and February 2 against Palmer. Teams will play in a tournament in Sunnyvale on February 5-7.

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GIRLS' BASKETBALL by Emma Whitmire and Averie Kelso

7th and 8th Grade girls' basketball is coached by Adams, Daugherty, and Chavez. Since basketball tryouts last fall, the girls' teams have improved greatly in the areas of defense, offense, dribbling, shooting, and working together. There are eight people on each team. Each position in both grade levels is filled with hard working, talented athletes. Girls' basketball can be a hard and fun sport because there is running involved, but playing with friends makes it fun. We are lucky to have enough people on our team for subs and everybody gets to play equally.

Remaining games are on January 22 in Kemp and January 26 at home against Faith Family. Teams will play in the District Tournament on January 29th and 31st. 7A will play at Life School Oak Cliff and 8A will play at Faith Family.