union weekly

by. Josh Edwards

slave auction

to day my family gets sold at a slave aution. My two sons and my wife are geting sold to day. its just going to be me and a couple other slaves on the plantation i'm going to run free and find my wife and kids because there coming with me. I'm going too Canada. to live a free life so know one will own me.

frederick douglass interview

josh. what was life like as a slave

frederick. it was hard work i had no dad and i never really new my mother and i got beaten a lot then one day i stood up for my self and faught back and won inever got beaten after that

j. why did you dress up as a sailor to exscape

f. i worked on a dock so i knew how sailors dressed and i rode a train insted of a boat

j.one more quistion when did you see your mom

f. i saw her as a baby she used to hold me at night.

harriet beecher stowe

1811-1896 born in connecticut Harriet's dad was a preacher and a leader of the antislavery movement. at home Harriet learned to hate slavery. in 1863 she married calvin stowe who was also against slavery. they often helped run away slaves.

though Harriet and calvin are white they know the pain a black women felt when the lost a child they lost 4 out of 7 kids of illness .

Harriet began writing story's at the age of 13. at the age of 41 she wrote her most famous book uncle sam's cabin.uncle toms cabin was read by so many people it scared slave owners.uncle toms cabin was one of the most powerful attacks on slavery written in the 1850s.

over 3000 copies were sold on the first day. this story followed the lives of slaves as they were sold or beaten to death. more books of uncle tom's cabin were sold more than any other book except the bible.slave owners thought that people would feel bad and they won't return the run away slaves to there owners. that is exactly what happened

after Harriet beecher stowe's book got published more people helped slaves north to freedom. when president abraham lincoln met Harriet beecher stowe he said so your the little lady who started the civil war.

underground rail road stoy

i exscaped my plantation and i'm on my way to an abolitionist's house. i'm knocking on the door a old lady answers the door she says come its getting late she asks me to stay and have a warm meal withe her. the next day I get captured by my master and sent back to the plantation i got tired of working i worked for two weeks strait so i ran to the woods at night.the next day i get chased by wild animal down the road a few hours later i get captured and sent back to the plantation i got done working for the day and i go to the slave quaters for some sleep. i wake up and head back to the fields to pick cotton i don't think i'll be running away for a wile.

soldiers letter

DATE:1862 mar 11

Dear family i'm lucky to be alive after a two day battle. I lost close friends that day when the boats monitor and merrimac crashed in to each other. I was on the monitor i think the reason this battle started was because of a confederate man sunk the sloop and distroyed a 50 gun frigate a day before the battle. then to day the confederate tryed to start another battle we whanted to go to the ocean but they disagreed they unseccesfuly tryed to lead us to another battle. i'm virginia right now. the war is almost over.

sincearly josh edwards