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December 2022 Meetings in Review

Message from Board President Dana Hunter

Welcome to Board Note, the monthly summary of news and information from the Central Bucks Board of School Directors. Through communications like this, our goal is to provide you with factual and timely updates that help you stay informed. We encourage you to read this newsletter and to click the links below to view or listen to the recordings of recent board and committee meetings.

I especially encourage you to read the Superintendent’s Report below as well as the accompanying links which address the district’s annual achievement and data report on student learning. Like so many in our community, the Board is aware of the learning loss that resulted due to the disruptions of the pandemic and fully supports our Superintendent and all of the administration and faculty who are addressing this daily and developing additional strategies for advancing academic excellence across the district.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2023!

January 10, 2023 Board Meeting LIVE

View the January 10 board meeting live, beginning at 7 p.m.

Superintendent's Report

Annual Achievement and Data Report

In introducing the district’s annual report on student achievement, Superintendent Dr. Abram M. Lucabaugh shared the following:

“A strong educational experience creates access, opportunity, and choice for our students and provides the social mobility our students need to live their best lives. Everyone understands that the last 24 months have been an extremely tumultuous time in education and that the impact of the pandemic on teaching, learning, and student achievement is irrefutable. Recently the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) indicated that across the nation, student achievement has declined; in fact, there is no state that had an increase in student achievement. As a nation, as a state, and as a district, we’re at a very important intersection, and now more than ever, it’s going to take our best, collective efforts to restore that which was lost during the pandemic. We have to do this for our district and our community and, most importantly, for our students, who represent the future of our country.”

Richard Kratz, the director of teaching and learning for the Central Bucks School District, presented the results of the district’s annual achievement and data report across grade levels, looking at data from the PSSA tests, Keystone Exam, ACT and SAT scores, and the AP Exam. Mr. Kratz highlighted benchmark assessments at local, state, and national levels, identified areas of progress and those in need of improvement, and spoke about next steps. Dr. Lucabaugh added that the content of the report will inform subsequent curriculum committee meetings in determining the educational strategies for addressing learning loss and restoring the district’s high standards of student achievement.

To view the presentation in its entirety, click here and go to minute 14:07 or see the PowerPoint slides here.

Curriculum Committee Meeting

This committee did not meet in December. As reported in the prior Central Bucks Board Note newsletter, the last meeting of the year was November 16, 2022. You can listen to the meeting here and view the agenda here.

Policy Committee Meeting - December 14

Listen to the meeting. View the agenda.


Operations Committee Meeting - December 14

Listen to the meeting. | View the agenda.


  • Moved out of committee a recommendation on Home & School Association-funded capital projects. (Discussion begins at minute 1:07 here.)
  • Moved out of committee a recommendation for the CB South pool systems project, which includes replacing an original HVAC component as well as lighting. (Discussion begins at minute 4:46 here.)
  • Moved out of committee the Operations Center fuel island upgrade project. (Discussion begins at minute 7:27 here.)

Finance Committee Meeting - December 14

Listen to the meeting. | View the agenda.


  • Moved out of committee a recommendation for legal counsel retainer agreement for special education litigation matters and an agreement for professional development on second language evaluation for Special Education staff. (Discussion begins at minute 2:47 here.)

November School Board Meeting Video

Watch the board meeting in its entirety.

November School Board Meeting Minutes

Review of items heard and acted upon by the board.

Board Briefs Archive

Review items heard and acted upon by the board, by meeting date.

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