Much Ado About Nothing

Adv. English 11 Project by, Emma Gwidt

Casting the Characters


Leonardo is great to play the role of Claudio because of the similar personality traits between the two. Leonardo's personality traits are described as a person that is down to earth and a practical thinker. Claudio is down to earth as he wanted someone else to win Hero over for him. Although he did have an angry reaction to Don John's plot against him and Hero, he was practical to think that he could not marry a women that has been so recently unfaithful to him.

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Since Hero's personality traits do not show through as much in the story, Much Ado About Nothing, Vanessa was chosen for the role simply because she is equally as pretty and gentle as Hero is described to be in the story. Hero is praised for her traits of gentleness, modesty and beauty, so Vanessa would fit this role perfectly.
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Demi Lovato would be a great person to represent Beatrice because there are themes in her relationship with her boyfriend, William Valderramma, that are similar with the relationship between Beatrice and Benedick. A direct similarity is that when Demi openly expresses her interest in him to the public, he shows outwardly that he is embarrassed of the attention and interest in him. The same goes for Beatrice and Benedick. Beatrice had a hard time at the end of the story openly showing her love for Benedick, as she said she did not love him when asked at first. Demi's real-life experience with a relationship like that of Benedick and Beatrice makes her suitable for the part.

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Don Pedro wins Hero over for Claudio

When the women at the dance couldn't tell who each man was, Don Pedro made his move for his friend Claudio. He courted and flirted with Hero for him, simply because Claudio was too shy to do so. After Don John tricked Claudio into thinking Don Pedro was winning Hero for himself, Don Pedro proved Don John's claim wrong. He told Claudio that he had won Hero over for him, and Leonato supports their marriage. This moved along the plot by adding a little drama to keep it interesting. Also, it moved the plot along by telling the reader that Claudio and Hero will soon marry. It also revealed that Don John gets jealous very easily and is willing to ruin anyone's hopes and dreams to make himself feel better.
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Beatrice and Benedick fall in love

The relationship between Benedick and Beatrice in the beginning was very harsh, as they both mocked eachother as if they hated eachother. When they heard the lies told of their friends in secret about eachother's "supposed love" they instantly fell for eachother, regardless of their past views on marriage. This event was important to the story because it showed that Benedick and Beatrice may have always been open to marriage but continued to deny it and it added an ironic touch to the story. This event shows that regardless of the exterior face of the characters, they are softer on the interior, although they may not be interested in exposing it.
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Hero is Falsely Accused

The lastmajor event of the story was when Claudio publicly ashamed Hero in front of the whole wedding party and guests. He had been tricked by Don John into thinking that Hero had cheated on him before the wedding. This event was extremely important because it completely made the story seem like it was turning for the worst, and that Hero and Claudio would never marry. This is a very exciting part of the play, and could definitely be considered as the climax. When Claudio acted so angrily towards Hero it showed that he does have a mean and angry side of him. This was much different than before when he came across as loving and gentle towards Hero all the time.
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A song that represents the theme of lies and deceit in Much Ado About Nothing is the song "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga. This song illustrates the theme of lies and deceit because the actions sang about in the song are deceitful in them self. She shows the deceit when in the song she says, " “And after he’s been hooked I’ll play the one that’s on his heart”. In this lyric she states that she once she wins him over, she will break his heart. This is a very similar example to examples of deceit in the play. The best example of deceit in the play is when Don John tricks Claudio into thinking that Hero is unfaithful to him. His lying caused Claudio to have a fast change of heart towards Hero and ultimately changes the course of the story drastically. Instead of getting married that day as planned, Hero is believed to be dead, and of course their wedding is unexpectedly postponed to a later date.

Link to: Poker Face by Lady Gaga music video

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