It will be a two-story McDonald's building with two-story playground included for young children. The bottom story is will you will wait in line and order your food while the upstairs will be more of a lounge area. The lounge area will include couches, chairs, stools, and tabels. The upstairs will be set up so that you can see you children playing on the playground. There will be minimal food seating upstairs.


The employees will wear jeans with a tucked in collared McDonald's shirt. The shirt must be embriodered with your name. Everyone will wear a apron that starts at the waste and atleast goes down to your knees. If the employees hair is longer than his/her shoulders it must be pulled back. Everyone will wear tennis shoes no matter what your position of work is. The workers that work in the kitchen will wear hair nets. No jewlery is aloud to be weared by anyone on the job. ALWAYS WEAR A SMILE!



1. How does the food, dress code, building design relate to the culture of your country?

The food items that were added to our menu relate to the culture of Lima because they are mostly South American items, which most people in Peru eat. In fact, we purposely put a "South American twist" on our menu items to appeal to the public. The dress code that the employees must wear relate to the culture of Peru because it is adapted to the weather, and also to our religion to respect the public's traditions. Also, we wanted to have a large McDonalds, but in Lima there is limited building space...So our only option was to build up! This relates to the culture of our country because most buildings in Lima are like this, and that is what the public is used to.

2. How does it show globalization?

The spread of this "All-American fast food" restaurant to Peru is globalization itself. The idea of this restaurant spread to Lima, affecting and even changing our culture because we adapted some of America's food. Even though we put our own twist on many items, we still adapted an idea from another location.