Weekly Update

Holy Trinity Catholic School February 16th, 2023

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to Provide a High-Quality Education, and to Guide Children in Living the Catholic Faith.


Dear God, Help me today to understand what love really means.

I need a love that’s big enough to include all of us. Big enough for the dating and engaged couples, of course, with their giddy daydreams of a future together. But also big enough for the married folks, whether their passion for each other is still blazing brightly or barely more than a smoldering wick. Big enough for the singles toasting their independence, and for the singles wishing someone would come along and make that independence disappear. For the lonely and widowed and brokenhearted, I need a love that understands, a love that welcomes in hurt and sorrow instead of excluding them.

The love I need more than anything is Your love. Without Your love, no other love will ever be sufficient. And with it, every other love becomes richer and truer and more life-giving than it could have been otherwise. We have learned all our best loves from You: the love of faithful friends, of spouses and significant others, of parents and siblings and children. Love that commits. Love that sacrifices. Love that lays down its life. You authored each of these loves, taught us how to recognize them and long for them and give them away. Our best efforts at Valentine’s Day are just a fraction of the wholeness of love.

Today, let everything I see remind me of Your love. Let today be a day for love. Real love. Big love. Your love. - Gregory Cole

A Note from Mrs. Longden

Catholic schools play a critical role by instilling our faith as the cornerstone of our children's beliefs. We must further recognize and ensure that the principles of our faith guide our children and inspire a desire within them to achieve bright, Christ like, and rewarding futures as our next generation of leaders.

For years, Holy Trinity has provided our children with high standards of academic excellence and faith-based education. We consider our school, students, faculty, and staff to be among the best. We thank them, and we thank you, our dedicated parents and parishioners, for your enthusiastic and steadfast support of our school. Were it not for your generosity, ongoing support, and unwavering commitment to Holy Trinity, we would not be able to fulfill our commitment to each of you, our parishes, our community, and most importantly, to our children. I promise you that with your help, our mutual and firm commitment to instill faith in our students' hearts and to inspire bright, Christ like futures will continue to be our goal. God bless you all during this week.

Our school events, like Social Fest and Home and School activities, are important because they are healthy for our adult bodies, minds, and souls. At Holy Trinity we have events that are social and also support the school in a large way. Adults that are connected to the school are just as important as the children who attend the school. I invite you to be present at these events. Break out of the mindset of staying home. There are activities, you can meet with people, and you will support the school/parish. Jesus traveled with His followers and they drank wine at the wedding in Cana, they shared bread and fish with thousands, and they went to the upper room to fill their bodies, minds, and souls.


Mrs. Longden

Public School No School

Reminder: The public school does not have school on Monday, February 20th.

If you did not receive an email with your bus pick-up times, please reach out to the school office.

Tuition and Registration 2023-2024

Tuition and Registration Information for the 2023-2024 school year are available.

We will change the registration deadline from February 21st to March 21st

Dress Code Forum

On Wednesday, March 1st from 5PM-6PM, we will be holding a parent forum regarding the dress code for next year in the gym.

If you would like to come and share your thoughts regarding our current Liturgy Day dress code, please do. Each person who would like to speak will have 2 minutes to speak.

We will be making a decision after the forum on if we will be going to be implementing the Liturgy Day dress code as an every day dress code.

Please see the attached document which lays out the Liturgy Day Dress Code for Fridays, Holy Days, etc. as it currently is.

Any questions, please contact Mrs. Longden at principal@htschool.net

Holy Trinity School Scholarship

We are excited to begin a Holy Trinity School Scholarship open to ALL families. Information on the scholarship and application were sent home last week in Family Folders.

If you have any questions relating to the scholarship please contact Mrs. Longden at principal@htschool.net

This scholarship was made possible from a grant written by Mrs. Longden. We will continue to write grants to continue this fund as well as seek donations and fundraising opportunities to continue to watch this grow! If you would like more information regarding this, please reach out to Mrs. Longden.


Ash Wednesday is Wednesday, February 22nd.

Attached is information on the activities the school will be doing during Lent. There will also be information sent home in Family Folders.

Also attached is information on Lent for families from the Parish.

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Calendar of Cash

February 9th - Erika Herriges

February 10th - Ron Wollner

February 13th - Jonathan Granger

February 14th - Nikita Ronk

February 15th - Scott Rohlinger


Calendar of Cash 2023-2024

If you sell all the tickets you had and would like more, please contact the school office.

Any tickets and money sold can be turned in at any time to the school office.

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Upcoming Dates

Friday, February 17th - Mass

Wednesday, February 22nd - All School Mass (Ash Wednesday)

Friday, February 24th - Mass

Wednesday, March 1st - Mass (Grades 4K, 1-4)

Wednesday, March 1st - Dress Code Forum 5-6 PM in Gym

March 1st-17th - ITBS Testing Grades 2-8

Thursday, March 2nd - End of Trimester 2

Thursday, March 2nd - Mass

Friday, March 3rd - Monday, March 6th - No School- Mid-winter break



February 17th - Holyland vs. Holy Trinity

February 24th - Holy Trinity vs. Shepherd of the Hills

Cast into the Deep

February Cast into the Deep is on Confession and Reconciliation.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary Schola Concert

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Weather Changes

As the weather is getting colder, it is important we remember to have the correct clothing here for recess. Please be sure your child is bringing the correct outside gear to wear! Thank you!
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Advisory Commission

If you would like more information about joining or have something you would like Advisory to discuss, please email the Advisory Committee at advisorycommittee@htschool.net.