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What's Wrong With Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

Nicotine replacement therapy is, the theory is that, a really good idea. Supposedly, should you prevent the user from feeling the results of nicotine withdrawal, it will make smoking a huge bit easier. Sadly, the pitiful success tell a different story.

The root concept behind replacement therapy is quite sound. Suppose you chain-smoke a pack of cigarettes each day. They figure that in order to quell your physical withdrawal symptoms, you need a 21mg nicotine patch for 2 weeks, then a 14mg patch to get a week, and then a a week ago with a 7mg patch, at which you will have easily weaned yourself in the addictive properties of nicotine and you will be E Liquid supplier Bolton free.

There's two main flaws with this idea. First, nicotine includes a half life of a couple of hours. That means that 2 hours after smoking a E Cig, nicotine levels within your bloodstream have dropped to 50%. After 6 hours, you will simply have 12.5% in comparison to when you just finished smoking that cigarette. So, then, why could you need to be on the replacement patch for four whole weeks?

Then, there's the whole problem behind smoking not being a physical addiction. Have you ever gone a couple of days without smoking a cigarette? I stayed at a friend's house for several days (she couldn't stand the smell of cigarette smoke) and didn't mind not smoking. When I got in my car declining in popularity, of course, I lit a cigarette right up, but by all counts I ought to have been going insane during those couple of days.

So, how do you quit smoking? You need to fix your mind's association between various things (such as getting in the vehicle) and cigarettes, instead of just attempting to throw snake-oil remedies advertising online.