Adolesence and Image

by Beth Hooper

Teenage Girls- Appearance.

When you are a teenager, you focus a lot on the image. The media is something you cannot really avoid. Image. The media focus a lot on image. Most teenagers, girls in paticular, care about their image. They read magazines, they watch tv, they see people looking a certain way on the internet.Young girls will see people in the media, their favourite singers, actresses, models etc; and they will want to look like them.For some girls the desire to look like them can go to extreme levels.They could try and change their appearance so that they look their idol. They could start acting differently because society put the preassure on for teenagers to act and look a certain way, and if they do not already look or act that way that they are portrayed too, they could feel like they do not fit in.

Teenage Peer Preassure

When you are a teenager you can be pushed into doing things that you do not know if you want to do.But because you are being preassured into it by other people at school or you friends then you might just do it to try and fit in.The main things that teenagers, both boys and girls, get preassured into doing are, Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol, Sex and Vandalism.When you are a teenager you might not think things through properly and you might just do these things because you want to please other people. It's hard to know whether to say yes or no for some people because they haven't had enough experience to know what decisions to make.