3rd Grade / El tercer grado

We love our students!

Jacklin Garza- Dual Language

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I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio. I’ve been teaching at Hart since 2009. The strengths that describe me best from the book Teach with Your Strengths are responsibility and learner. Therefore, every day I make myself responsible for teaching my students how become responsible learners and citizens. We practice this everyday by finding answers to our own questions and by being kind and helpful to one another.

As a teacher my goal is motivate and guide my students to reach their own personal and academic goals.

classroom phone: 512-841-2123

email: jacklin.garza@austinisd.org

Ricardo Gonzalez-Gurza- Curriculum Specialist

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* Analytical

* Responsibility

* Strategic

* Achiever

* Belief

As a 3rd grade Reading Specialist I feel honored to work with such a great and talented team of teachers and support them in any way I can.

I work with struggling students on each class following the philosophy that any student can be a successful one. The way I try to engage them and motivate them is working to create interesting and fun lessons. This approach make them feel that their learning is not as difficult or boring and their self-confidence grows every day.

Being a teacher is a very rewarding career that allows you to touch the precious lives of many kids, that is why I see every opportunity to teach like an opportunity to create a better person in life.

* Analitico

* Responsable

* Estratega

* Eficiente

* Congruente

Como especialista de lectura de tercer grado, me siento honrado de poder trabajar con un grandioso grupo de talentosos maestros y de poder ayudarlos de cualquier forma que me sea posible.

Trabajo con los estudiantes que están teniendo dificultades en clase siguiendo la filosofía de que todos los estudiantes son capaces de ser exitosos. La forma en que trato de interesarlos y motivarlos es trabajando para crear lecciones interesantes y divertidas. Este tipo de acercamiento les hace sentir que el aprendizaje no es aburrido y les ayuda a incrementar su autoestima día a día.

El ser un maestro es una carrera muy gratificante que me permite tocar las vidas preciosas de varios niños, es por eso que yo veo cada oportunidad de ensenar como una oportunidad para crear mejores personas en la vida.

classroom phone: 512-841-2108

email: ricardo.gonzalez-gurza@austinisd.org

Katy Hallbauer- ESL

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I graduated from the University of Texas in 2000, and I've been working as a 3rd grade teacher at Hart ever since. I love being a teacher, and I work hard every day to ensure a safe and positive classroom for my students. In our classroom, students are rewarded for making positive choices on the ClassDojo system. We try to live the Hart Rocket pledge by being responsible, on task, cooperative, kind, enthusiastic, team-workers, and successful in everything we do. My classroom rules are: be safe, pass your STAAR tests, and let's have fun learning together! I also try to emphasize manners and respect in my classroom.

My strengths from the book, Teach with Your Strenghts are: Developer, Includer, Harmony, Belief, Responsibility.

classroom phone: 512-841-2148

email: katy.hallbauer@austinisd.org

Danelia Huerta- Dual Language

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I believe that it is crucial to acknowledge everything children do or say and encourage their persistence and effort. Students need specific feedback and I strive to model ways to approach and solve problems as well as behaviors toward others.

classroom phone: (512) 841-2120

email: danelia.huerta@austinisd.org

Michael Kimberlin- ESL

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As a Hart Elementary teacher I'm focused on implementing highly effective instructional practices that help improve student learning and academic performance. I'm a caring teacher that demonstrates skills in strategic classroom management and effective discipline. I'm an enthusiastic 3rd Grade ESL teacher with a knack for making learning exciting and enjoyable. But most importantly, I'm motivated by the belief that all children can be successful learners.

classroom phone: 512-841-2119

email: michael.kimberlin@austinisd.org

Kristin Troegle- Dual Language

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I have been teaching dual language students for sixteen years, and I love it! My strongest strength from the book Teach with Your Strengths is being an idea person. It's true--I do love new ideas. I really enjoy the creative process and thinking of new ideas to get kids excited and engaged in learning, and hearing all of the awesome ideas my kids and teammates come up with is very inspiring.

My other strengths from the book are: being strategic, a maximizer, communication, and positivity.

My classroom philosophy is that we are all a team, and we work together to help each other do our best-- both personally and academically. This also extends to my fellow teachers in third grade-- we really work well together, communicating and seeing and expecting the best in each other.

I think teaching is super fun, extremely rewarding, and very challenging. It may sound cheesy, but to me it really is the "toughest job I'll ever love."

classroom phone: 512-841-2122

email: kristin.troegle@austinisd.org