You matter

Every Individual Matters


Every human counts!

#Youmatter My Genius

My genius is the patience any woman should have with life. My patience is stretched for miles long and it is used to my advantage occasionally. This talent is welcomed by children, animals, cleaning, projecting, and having a conversation. If I didn’t have as much patience as I do, I would be a hot mess. I can wait for anything if it’s not something needed in the moment.

With five kids living in the same household as me and with two temperamatite adults, it is a task to master patience. It’s almost a task to learn everything to the extreme or to master it, even to worry. I don’t rush in airports, schools, work or in my house unless I absolutely have to. If everything was rushed, there would be no time to savor the moment whether it was a good or bad one, memories are memories. I learned from my talent that cluster comes from rushing.

#Youmatter Breaks My Heart

It breaks my heart when little children do not know assets they should know at their ages and when they have not learned to use their manners correctly. It should be a child’s right to be taught what civilization is like at a young age and a parent’s duty to help teach and learn along with them. I volunteer at a daycare, and there is a little boy there that acts like he was raised without hardly any kindness. The way he treats the other kids is hard to watch, and being that he is a boy, he is way too stubborn to direct in a kinder way. In a situation like this, it is very hard not to get angry with his parents.

Little children like that boy most likely will age with a negative attitude towards the world. Educate classes could possibly help. But maybe it could be too late to change one’s mind about other things and people. If it’s never too late, we should always find a solution to the eternal problem. It’s something that the human race does not try very hard to control or change, but if their was any good spirit left in a mother, she would want the best for her children’s sights of the world.

#Youmatter Deepest Fears

One of my most traumatizing experiences was in snow. I walked about a mile in 24 below 0 weather in a blizzard to get to school. Now a lot of old people say that to their grandchildren to make up fun stories to tell them but my story is true. It was probably the most dangerous thing I have ever done considering I could not see two feet in front of me or hear any cars coming on the roads. I almost got hit a couple times and almost broke my neck a couple times but I had to do it because my mom told me to go to school no matter what.

So now, whenever it’s too cold or snowing, I love to stay inside. I hate the snow. If I’m out when it’s blizzarding, I panic and get anxiety attacks. My anxiety does not take things very lightly on my mind and I think I will die, literally. With this constant thinking something bad will happen whenever it snows, I set my ground for kids I don’t even have that they will always be warm and never outside in bad snow. Lesson #1: traumatization is a major effect on one’s mind and thoughts.

#Youmatter Biggest Dreams

My biggest dream is not really a dream you can pin and accomplish. Most likely, it will probably never happen knowing I suck really bad at uniting people. I would like to have all of my family living on a huge piece of property for the rest of my life with everybody getting along. Almost like my family would have their own colony, and I could see anyone I wanted to at anytime. This idea came from when I was an abandoned restaurant and lot for sale in minature that has been on market forever now.

My dad had the same idea but he doesn’t wish for it as much as I do. I love having all of my loved ones around me, even if we don’t get along. Although this will never happen, I can always go visit my family whether they want me or not. The ones that don’t are the ones I’m going to put to work in the restaurant in the minature lot. Probably will open a Flip N Dip there to expand my grandma’s ice cream shop that is in Bayard. The best part, I would never have to see my grandma stress so much about work ever again.