How They're Made and What Lurks Inside Them

Galaxies don't just appear out of thin air, well space, they can take over millions, even billions of years to build themselves into a galaxy. And in each galaxy there are over a trillion stars. Stars are formed when cosmic dust clouds in space start to turn into each other and start to make a center with massive gravitational pull, compacting itself very tightly. Then once gravity has taken over completely, the dust gets swept into a tight compact disk and after certain reactions inside happen the disk bursts and becomes a star. (Below is dust clouds being sucked and compacted into the location of where the star is going to be)
Stars are not the only objects that are contained within a galaxy. Planets are also formed within them too. Planets are also created by cosmic dust, only they do not compact and explode afterwards. No, they are formed by cosmic dust that clumps and compacts together, the bigger the dust cloud the bigger the planet will be and the more it will pick up. Scientists figured that there were at least 100 planets in our solar system when ours was developing. Here's where war of the worlds ( literally) take place. Scientists say that all those 100 planets clashed together, the bigger ones winning in the end, untill there was only the nine planets(including Pluto) that we know today.(Below are planets crashing into each other)
Planets and stars aren't the only things that exsist in galaxies. There's also something that lurks through the galaxies, something that you don't see coming until you're already sucked in. These dark bodies of who know what creep themselves across galaxies, swallowing everything in its path. As you may have guessed, yes, these creepy crawlers of space are black holes. Black holes are the product of massive stars after they have died. Super massive stars that is over 100 times our sun's mass and goes supernova create black holes, which are just the left over core of the star. Sometimes during this process, in 1 milisecond, the core crushes itslef and creates a tiny black hole, but then becomes canabalistic and starts to eat itslef until it starts to spit out material, then the black hole is free. Their gravity is absolute, and takes in anything in their path, star, planets, even the galaxy itself. After consuming all the material a black hole could hold, it statrs to shoot our the material from both ends, these beams are so bright that they can flash out a galaxy. After hearing all this and knowing that these things move, you hope that they never come to our neighborhood, but what most people don't know is that we have our very own massive black hole in the center of our galaxy.