On My Way To Perseverance

Learning about perseverance

On My Way

Rudy was a college prep graduate at holy cross college prep and Rudy graduated there but after college prep Rudy wanted to go to northern dame college but when Rudy was about to get on the bus to and visit the college his teacher stopped him and told him that he was just going to drop out and not be a football player there so Rudy got a job at the northern dame college helping them clean the stadium after the games and before the games to make sure that every thing is okay to play in. Because Rudy didn't study or try hard enough people didn't take him serious.

Changing My Mistake

There are songs that go with perseverance and they said that you should never give up and when you fall down to get right back up and keep going no matter what happens and they tell you that just because you fell down that you shouldn't give up and it also says that you should not look down you should look up and don't worry about what is going on just to keep going on if you face adversity by failing a class and you know what you have to fix and you know that you can persevere by fixing the mistake that you made last quarter and do it better this quarter so you know what caused you to fail last time and what effected you this quarter is last quarter grade so you know that you can do better and make the new quarter a A for the rest of the quarters and brag just a little bit saying that you got all A's.

Me vs Adversity

Do you know what adversity means ? Have you ever faced it? 1.adversity means misfortune it and hardship have i ever faced it yes i have faced adversity everyone will face adversity and some of them has already faced it.i know that i cant not face it but i what to prepare myself for when i do have to face it i just will hold my head up high and keep going on and also I know that