Forensic Anthropology

Meagan Sias, A1

Job description

Forensic Anthropology is the application of Anthropology (The study of the human species and its culture and physical sciences in all times and places) in a legal setting. Techniques may be used in recovery and analysis of human remains, especially those which may come across as unidentifiable to other fields of Forensics.


Training and Education Requirements

A Forensic Anthropologist must have a Graduate Degree in Anthropology. They need to know Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, and in some cases, Physics and Archaeology. It is recommended to apply for this career after obtaining a PhD.

Job Outlook (the demand for the job in five years)

Not great; most positions are within Universities or as consultants for cases invlving unkown identity.

Earning Potential ($)

Average: $55,000

Range: $37,000 to $70,000

Related Occupations

Forensic Investigaor, Archaeologist