Less School is Good for Your Health

By Harrison Threlkeld

School Should be Shorter

Would you like to have a shorter school day? Less school equals being a healthier person. I will explain how less school means you will get more sleep, time for breakfast and exercise.

Reason #1: Sleep

  • Sleep gives you more brain power.
  • Not enough sleep leads to depression which makes you sad and not want to do anything.
  • If we don't get enough sleep at night, we might sleep in class.
  • Lack of sleep can make your brain weaker and it can make you gain weight.

Reason #2: Breakfast

  • A healthy breakfast helps your memory and test grades go up.
  • Eating breakfast helps keep your weight down.
  • Breakfast gives you energy to get through the school day.
  • Breakfast will help solve hunger pains when it’s hard to concentrate in class.

Reason #3: Exercise

  • Less time in school gives you more time to exercise.
  • Exercise keeps your body and mind healthy.
  • Exercise helps you lose weight.
  • Exercise helps you lose stress which makes your mind healthy.


As you have now learned, less school during the day makes you healthy! Now go tell everyone that school should be shorter, unless you want to stay unhealthy. But who wants that?

Even More Reasons for a Shorter School Day!

A Shorter School Day