El Greco, Domenikos Theotokopoulos

Olivia Ouellet

Artist Information

  • Born in Candia, Crete, in 1541
  • He spent most of his life in Spain
  • El Greco was a painter and trained with Ghiberti
  • He moved around a lot.
  • He admired Michael Angelo.
  • He was a religious painter.
  • Some of his paintings were the Crucifixion and Holy Family
  • Some of his supporters were St. Jose and Toledo.

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  • The name of the painting is Crucifixion
  • The painting was created in 1596-1600
  • El Greco is located at the Pardo Museum
  • The painting was significant because it showed religion which was depleting in the Renaissance time period.
  • I find this piece interesting because it shows angels flying around, Which doesn't show Humanism which was big in the Renaissance.
  • This piece show Skepticism because some of the people aren't fully clothed.

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