Costa Rica

Robert Forbes


Urban areas have houses that are made of cement with tin roofs, painted in light colors and rural areas are mostly tend with hot water heaters attached.

General Attitudes

You may hear people say that Costa Rica is a land of hospitality and gentleness but people may say, "will do it" when they really don't want to do which can drive them crazy.

Gov't (Government)

There place may be great but they do have lack to access to healthcare and educations and the governor doesn't pay close attention though.


When you visit over to Costa Rica, people there loves to socialize with others a lot, sharing some food, and inviting others to their house for special education, they also have lots of activities you can do.

The Arts

Over in Costa Rica, you will hear people say,"Bombas!" which is popular oral of poetry from the, "Guanacaste."

What I would do...

What i'd like to see is someone controlling or leading a calf because iv'e never been teached to lead a calf, another thing I would do is ride a horse with other people, might seem fun and of coarse try their delicious food, Yummy!



Fast Facts

  • Continent: North America
  • Capital: San Jose
  • Distance From Capital to Washington: 2047.11
  • Population: 4,814,144
  • Area: 19,730

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