First Grade News

Distance Learning Edition

Important Information you will find in this newsletter

  • Learning Board for student learning until April 3rd
  • How to access DreamBox and Istation
  • Teacher Communication: teachers to check in with students next week; teacher "office hours" 1:50 - 3:30 daily
  • Breakfast and lunch services
  • Additional Resources

Student Learning Board

First Grade Learning Board

The First Grade Learning Board includes low-tech and high-tech learning experiences intended to help your child review concepts and skills that s/he has learned in first grade.

These activities should last your child until April 3rd.

The district currently recommends that your child spends six hours a week on their learning.

You can also access the First Grade Learning Board on the RPE First Grade website under the “Distance Learning” tab.

Accessing Technology

Please see Logging into LaunchPad for information on how to log in and how to download Istation and Dreambox, if you have not already.

Your child can use the QR code on their QuickCard to log-in to LaunchPad without having to type their username/password. If you need a QuickCard for your child, please let me know, and I will send you a new one (printer required).

Accessing Epic!:

Class codes for accessing Epic!:

Braun: vpn8790

Partridge: ​tvb2210

Reiss: hiz5465

Timberlake: uyd7438

Torres: See email sent by Epic! from Ms. Torres. If you did not receive the email from Epic!, please email Ms. Torres.
Worob: get2126

Teacher Communication

I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with your kiddos yesterday.

You can expect another call from me next week as I'd like to check in with your child.

I will be available to answer any questions or concerns daily, via email, during my regular conference and after school hours from 1:50 - 3:30. Please let me know if you need anything!

Breakfast and Lunch Services

For more information about breakfast and lunch pick up please see Leander ISD News & Announcements.

Additional Resources

Additional learning opportunities can be found under the “Distance Learning” tab in the section labeled “EXTRA Resources” on the RPE First Grade website. These are simply extra opportunities and are neither expected nor required!