Going To Broughton

Brianna Darga

My whole eighth grade year I was bullied I was called names, pushed into lockers, and told I was worthless. I was already having problems with myself confidence and the bullying did not help at all. On March 22 2013 I went to the counselor because I was having suicidal thoughts.

What Bullying Can Lead To:

Pictures From Broughton And After Broughton

Scary Situations

When we got to the hospital they started asking me all these questions. It was very strange for me, they expected me to answer every question but the truth of the matter is I did not want to share what I was feeling with a bunch of people who probably thought I was crazy. It was hard on me. When I was admitted to Broughton they did the same thing. They asked me a lot of questions, but this time I actually answered them. I was given my own room and they gave me something to drink and I settled into my new strange room. The next morning the nurse came in and told me I had to get ready for the day. I had to register for school, and I had to eat breakfast. Later that day a girl got in trouble for taking paper to her arms. I was scared because alarms started going off. They were there to let the other nurses know that they needed assistance with the uncontrolled patient. It was one of the scariest situations I have been in.

April 7th

. I was there for my little sister birthday on March 27 and was sad I did not get to be with her. I acted extremely well so I would be discharged soon.


I acted extremely well so I would be discharged soon. I was discharged on April 3. It was a Wednesday when I got back to my house.

Back to the same old same old

I had school the next day. I was so scared to go back to school I was scared of what the other kids in my classes would say to me or about me. Now I am proud of what I went through and how strong I became after all of it. And in my instance… “What didn’t kill me made me stronger”!