The +'s of Girls Playing Sports

Make your sports team better with girls

Girls should be aloud to play sports

Girls want to have fun and play sports too. People shouldn't take girls rights to play sports away just because people think that girls aren't as strong or athletic as boys. Girls should be able to have the same rights as guys. They should be able to play football just like guys can. What's stopping girls from jumping in and playing football right now?

Who says girls can't play sports?

This is why I think that girls and boys should be able to play together on the same sports teams.

Kris Lines is part of sports law at Staffordshire University in the UK. He is also a gymnastics coach. He analyzes a ruling of the English Football Association (FA) which prevents girls from playing on sports teams with boys/playing boys sports (for example football) once they reach the age of 12. Kris examines the reasoning behind FA's rule and its connection to the laws about girls and sports. He also compares it to arguments in favor of letting girls play on the same teams as boys even when girl sports teams are available. Minnie is 10 years old from south london who plays football. She plays for the Balham Blazers. Im March 2006 she started up the debate over girls being allowed to play football with guys on the same team once they reached the age of 12.

Although schools are not required to spend the same amount of money on boys and girls programs and sports they have to give equal benefits and treatments. Some inbalance between teams might be acceptable if they are repayed for somewhere else. An example would be as long as the school gives uniforms of close quality and amount for the girls volleyball team and the boys football team it is not violating easily because the boys uniforms are more expensive than the girls. To find out wether your school treats girls fairly the following things would have to be examined:

  • Equipment/supplies
  • Locker Rooms
  • Practice and Competetive Facilties
  • Scheduling Games
  • Practice times
  • Travel expense
  • Publicity
  • Tutoring
  • Medical and Training Services
  • House and Dinning Services
  • Beginner/Trainee of Student Athletes
  • Support Services

In the continuing fight for equality, a real-life "anything you can do" situation is taking place in the high school sports for years. More girls have been playing high school football nationwide than ever before. People need to be more open-minded about the concept of female athletes in a sport (mainly football) because only more and more girls are going to be athletes (and want to play football). According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, 1,804 girls in the US played football on their high school team in 2012. The increase in the number of girls playing football shows steady growth over time.

Some girls are getting kind of famous for playing. In one case a girl named Brianna Amat was given the nickname "Kicking Queen" after kicking a game winning field goal. She was also named Homecoming queen that same night. Another girl named Erin DiMeglio became the first girl to play quarterback in Florida high school athletics.

There are now many examples of girls playing football and it becomes more main stream. It is now safe to say that females are going onto the football scene like never before but also at the same time alot of people are trying to hold them back.It is safe to say females are breaking onto the football scene like never before. At the same time, several forces are trying to hold them back. It is safe to say females are breaking onto the football scene like never before. At the same time, several forces are trying to hold them back.


Girls Should be able to Have the Right to play Sports

What's stopping girls from playing sports (football) right now?

Girls should be able to be able to have the right to play sports. They shouldn't have to be judged for who they are or if they want to play football. Everyone calls football a guy sport but it should be a women and guy sport. Nobody thinks girls are strong enough to play football but most girls are tough and some girls are even tougher than some guys.

Support my belief?

If you think girls should have the right to play sports (football), don't just wait for someone to say something. You should say something and maybe you'll be the one to make the difference.

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