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- Important Safety Notices - REPEAT

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- Interrelate Evening - REPEAT

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Thank you to all of the families who attended our Working Bee on Sunday. We had many people who came to lend a hand and the hard work has certainly paid off - our gardens are looking fantastic! It was a lovely day to be out in the garden and was a great chance to catch up with members of our community. There were many families who stayed for several hours and everyone pitched in to help.

An enormous thank you must go to Rolf Kolbe for all of his planning and efforts, both in preparation for and on the day. Rolf was the driving force behind the working bee. He organised the necessary equipment and the schedule for the day, and ensured that everyone knew what needed to be done. Rolf worked tirelessly from start to finish and we are very appreciative of all he has done. Appreciation must also go to Mrs Twitchings who was instrumental in working with Rolfe to ensure everything was ready on the day. Thanks also to Shannon Gray for organising the BBQ. The workers certainly appreciated the food after all of their hard work.

Congratulations to all of the PSSA teams who played their first game of the season last Friday. It was a beautiful Friday afternoon and all of the students were enthusiastic to begin the first round. It was great to see sportsmanship on and off the field, as well as a team effort in each of the games.

Don't forget the important events this week:

- Walk Safely to School Day on Friday

- ESPSSA Cross Country on Friday

Chess Club
The interschool chess competition has started on a Friday afternoon. Our school rookie team has been very successful so far, with three of our four players winning last week. The school team has a home game in the library one week and then an away game at another school the following week. Not every child in the team plays every week, so not every child in the team needs to stay each Friday afternoons after school. Miss Marwood will contact parents leading up to the Friday of each week to confirm if your child is playing on the Friday. Miss Marwood also runs a chess club run at lunchtimes on Fridays for interested students.

Dance News
Tickets for the Senior Dance group's performance at the Seymour Centre will go on sale next Monday 23rd May. Families can purchase tickets through the Seymour Centre Box Office from 9am. Purchases can be made through the website or you can call the Seymour Centre directly. The shows are always sold out so please get in early to avoid disappointment.
Please be aware that the group's other performance of this dance for Showcase at Souths Juniors in August will have very limited tickets, so if you have anyone that really wants to come and watch, I suggest that you get tickets for this show instead. Seymour Centre Box Office Phone: 9351 7940
Ticket prices
Adult $30.00 Student/ Concession $25.00
Ticket prices include GST. Booking fees apply.

Walk Safely to School Day - REPEAT

Friday 20 May 2016 is National Walk Safely to School Day. At Banksmeadow Public School we encourage all students and their families to walk to school on this day. Once you arrive at school we will host a Healthy Breakfast under the COLA in the playground to promote a healthy diet, which should be followed in conjunction with regular physical activity. Good nutrition is essential for good health and a good breakfast is vitally important to start the day well. Breakfast gets the metabolism going and helps prevent a slump in concentration during the late morning hours. We hope to see you all there.

Important Safety Notices - REPEAT

Several students ride their bike or scooter to and from school each day. All students MUST wear a helmet when riding. Students should also remember that they are not to ride scooters or bikes within the school grounds. They must walk their bike or scooter to the gate before riding it home.

Many of our parents drop off and collect their children from the Brighton St entrance each day. Please be aware that the section of road directly outside the gate is a designated 'No Parking' area - this means you must remain within 3 metres of your car. Please also refrain from stopping your car in the 'No Stopping' section near the pedestrian crossing - when cars are parked close to the crossing it reduces the visibility for other drivers and is a serious risk to the students of our school and the members of our community who use the crossing.

New Sport Uniforms - REPEAT

It was suggested at a recent P&C meeting that some of the sets of sport uniforms, used for either soccer, AFL or Rugby League, are due to be replaced. At times there are members within our community who may wish to donate sets of jerseys on behalf of their business/company. The donation is often recognised by printing the company's logo on the jersey. If this is something you would be interested in, please see Ms Hoskins or Sarah Monahas (P&C President) for further information.

Interrelate Evening - REPEAT

Every two years, Banksmeadow Public School hosts an evening presented by Interrelate. This evening provides an opportunity for parents and children in Years 3-6 to attend and learn about issues relating to personal relationships. It can be a great ice breaker for topics which may otherwise be difficult for parents to discuss with their children.

The Interrelate evening will be held on Tuesday 31st May from 6:00pm. There will be two sessions:

* Session 1 - Where did I come from? (Years 3-6) @ 6:00 - 7:00pm

* Session 2 - Preparing for Puberty (Years 5-6) @ 7:15-8:15pm

Notes containing information regarding payments were sent home last week. Please return payment by Tuesday 24th May.


P&C Email

Please send us your email address if you would like to be on the P&C circulation list.

Next P&C Meeting

Monday 27th June, 7pm in 6M demountable classroom. Everyone welcome!

Dates for the Calendar - TERM 2


Monday 16th May

Visit by Australian Girls Choir (K-2)

Stage 2 Excursion @ La Perouse

Tuesday 17th May

Wednesday 18th May

Thursday 19th May

Friday 20th May

ESPSSA Zone Cross Country

Walk Safely to School Day


Monday 23rd May

Tuesday 24th May

Wednesday 25th May

Thursday 26th May

Friday 27th May

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