K-2 Wing Newsletter

Feb. 1-5, 2016


You may have heard that Ms. Moore has resigned from Atlanta Heights to explore new opportunities at Parkside Elementary School. We wish her well in her new endeavors! Ms. Draper will be taking over in her position teaching 2nd grade Science and Social Studies. Please welcome her to our wing. I am excited to have her join our fabulous wing!

NWEA Testing and ILP services

Thank you for a very successful and smooth NWEA testing week! We were able to assess all students in reading and math with the exception of about 10 students. I will finish them up next week. This weekend I will be reviewing the data we have so far. If a student's score has dropped dramatically, I will reassess them next week. If you have students who qualify for re-testing, I will email you.

Based on the data I have seen so far, there needs to be updated reading ILP placement assessments in order for me to create a new schedule of services. The kindergarten paraprofessionals will be pulling students on Monday and Tuesday from classes to administer a brief assessment. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation with this.

ILP reading services will be provided to K-2 students by the Kindergarten paraprofessionals. Classroom teachers are responsible for providing ILP/intervention services to their own students in the area of math. Part of the progress monitoring necessary for math is the use of I-Ready with consistency and fidelity. Ms. Peek will be joining your team either on Monday or Tuesday of this coming week during your planning to give you an I-Ready refresher. Because of this, we will have our data team meeting on Thursday this week. Please plan accordingly.

Extracurricular After School Activities

It is wonderful that we have so many extra curricular activities going on after school. However, after reviewing hours of video this week due to a reported incident, it is evident that there is not sufficient adult supervision. If you are a coach or sponsor for an after school activity, you are required to complete a form detailing your activity with specifics and email it to Ms. Robinson by Friday, Feb. 5. I will email all of you the form. You only have to complete the form if you are involved with an approved after school activity.

If you have students who stay for your activity, do not allow siblings to stay. When siblings stay, you become 100% responsible and liable for the supervision and safety of that student which may interfere with the activity in which you are involved. If you experience this issue, please contact parents and inform them they will need to find an alternative for the sibling. Siblings are not allowed to stay.

You are responsible for supervising the students at all times. If your activity requires students to run laps for example, you must be with them supervising them. Be proactive. Do not put yourself in a position in which a student may get hurt and you are not actively supervising them. If a serious incident were to occur, you may receive professional consequences through human resources up to and possibly including losing your job.

Coaches and adult sponsors of after school activities are required to stay at the school and supervise students until ALL students are picked up. You may not drop them off in after school. If you leave the building with students remaining, you will receive a professional reminder as well as a level 2 in TKES under professionalism. You chose to sponsor the event which means you chose to take on the responsibility to supervise students until they are picked up by their parents.

Friendly Reminders

1- Students begin arriving to classrooms at 7:50 every morning. Be sure your Do Now is posted prior to students arriving. You are required to be at your door to greet students at 7:50 a.m.

2- If you have curbside duty, you are to be outside on the curb at 7:50 a.m., not making your way to the curb at 7:50 a.m.

3- SLDS- keep clicking! Ms. Robinson and the Deans will be monitoring your activity weekly. You must have a minimum of 32 clicks per week to meet our goal. This is an easy way to help our school get 3 free CCRPI bonus points. It may not sound like a lot, but in the world of CCRPI it is.

4- Field trips. Please submit your completed field trip request forms for this semester.

5- Post currently weekly lesson plans by your door either every Friday prior to leaving for the weekend or every Monday morning before students arrive.

Important Dates To Remember

Feb. 1-4: Ms. Gittens will be visiting.

Feb. 3: ECA's due to Dean Blair

Feb. 5: Bulletin Boards & ECA boards due

- Turn in your grade level preference/intentions for next year sheet to Ms. Robinson

- Submit extra curricular activities form to Ms. Robinson

Feb. 9-11: Ms. Gittens will be visiting.

Feb. 9: 4th Quarter Scope and Sequence due by 4:00 p.m.

Feb. 11: Critical Day

Feb. 12: Staff PD day; no students

Feb. 15: No School

Feb. 16: Critical Day

Feb. 24: Social Studies and Science Common Assessments due to Dean Blair for review. Include questions to represent the standards taught from January 11- February 26.

Feb. 29, March 1-2: Administer Social Studies and Science Common Assessments


Please sign your name on the list outside of my office door stating you have read the information provided in this week's newsletter by COB Tuesday. Thank you!
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