How Should I Use MAP Reports?

Discussing MAP Data with Teachers

Planning data talks with your teachers? If so...

MAP offers a very useful report that will help you and your teachers determine the level of students' achievement and growth. This report can be printed for each reading and/or math teacher (who uses MAP). The report plots each student in a quadrant based on his/her performance on the most recently administered MAP assessment. Students are plotted as demonstrating:
  • High Acheivement and High Growth,
  • High Acheivenment but Low Growth,
  • Low Achiement but High Growth,
  • and Low Achiement and Low Growth

The quadrant provides a great opportunity to celebrate with teachers their students who are showing significant growth at this point in the year. Discussions should also glean plans for targeted interventions and potentially referrals to STAT.

Here's how to access the reports:

  • Log into your NWEA MAP account:
  • On the left side, click on View Reports. Select MAP reports.
  • Next, click on "Summary with Quadrant Chart"
  • Select the Winter 2015-2016 term
  • Select an Instructor from the pull-down list
  • Click on "Create Report"
  • Print the report, if desired, to use with teachers during data talks or observation pre-/post-conferences.
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