"Who" Are You Going To Save?

Save the owls today.

Save The Innocent.

There has been a discovery of animals on Mother Paula's property. These animals are called Burrowing Owls. They are called that because they nest is old hole that previous animals have lived in and made. These owls are the cutest things that you will ever see. They are about as big as a soda can.

Chuck Muckle

The owner and director of Mother Paula's site all so known as Chuck Muckle is a disgrace to animal life everywhere. He is going to kill innocent animals because all he cares about is himself. He is a murderer!


Do you want to be a life saver? Well come on down the day of Mother Paula's opening and protest with us. Come support these loving animals and see their natural habitats. Please save the animals and take down Chuck Muckle.