Family and Consumer Science


What is Family and Consumer Science?

Home Economics in 1994 changed their name to Family and Consumer Science. Even though still defines FACS as Domestic Science... The study of cooking, needlework and other subjects concerned with household skills, it is so much more than that.

My Definition

Family and Consumer Science Education focuses on equipping individuals with decision making, time management, money management, and communication skills to allow them to be productive members in today's ever changing society, helping them achieve thier best quality of life.

What we do...

Our world is ever changing and there are 3 things that have stayed constant over the years. Money, Time, and Communication. As Family and Consumer Science Teachers we strive to educate our students on life literacy. Being able to balance everything from time to money and even making healthy decisions is a piority of the classroom. We must work to keep up with the current trends and changes in technology but those 3 things are a must no matter what changes.