Promote To Senior Stylist!

By October 1st! Calling ALL Stella & Dot Ruby Red Stylists!

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Take The Challenge. Change Your Business.

You've thought about it. You've wanted it. You've been dreaming...............and now


Now is the time.....we're going into our BEST selling season of the year! It's the BEST time to start a business and the BEST time to build your business. If you've EVER aspired to build a team with Stella & Dot this is YOUR opportunity!

We've put together a 30 Day Challenge that will transform your business. It's 30 should give it a shot! (Worst case tee yourself up for an AWESOME holiday selling season!)

It's not a secret.....there is nothing MORE fun than launching new stylists. It's incredibly rewarding to help someone start a business that can change their life for the better. Whether they are a hobbyist or career's a SPECIAL feeling! Do you know what I love MOST about my Stella & Dot business? All of YOU! It's the stylist relationships that make this business extra special!!

I know you can remember the day your business kit arrived. You were like a KID in a CANDY store. The excitement, anticipation, wonder and DREAMS that you had for your business. You can reignite that feeling...and share it with others.

So...who's in?? Click link below to join the challenge and our exclusive FB page:

Okay....I'm Game...BUT HOW????

Join the Challenge & FB Team Page Here:

Senior Stylist is nothing more than YOU and two of your girlfriends doing about 8 shows in September. That's less than 3 each....and as a leader YOU can carry the most of that load. And you will LOVE your paycheck of close to $2,000 with a $100 of free jewelry from being a STELLAR SELLER in the month of September.

So imagine this....

You're currently a STYLIST.....
-Share the opportunity with 10-20 women and launch just TWO of them in September. If they each hold a $600 launch're in business!
-You book 4-6 trunk shows in September and sell $5,000 and're a SENIOR STYLIST!

If you're currently a LEAD're half way there!
-Engage your existing stylists in hosting a trunk show or two in could even be their own. If they sell $600 .... you're in business!

And P.S....once you get to Senior you're half way to STAR! Did you know that almost ALL of our Ruby Red Senior Stylists have gone on to promote to STAR?? SO CAN YOU!


Are you ready to take the challenge?? To get on our fast track program...just click the link below and declare your COMMITMENT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

This Facebook Page will be our go-to resource to getting you to Senior Stylist. In will have:

~Weekly Training Calls
~One-on-One Weekly Coaching Calls
~30 Day Pacing Partner
~A Comprehensive & Individualized Plan of Attack!

Let's DO THIS!

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Tara Renze

Senior Director & Founding Leader
Stella & Dot Independent Stylists
Team Ruby Reds