how much it cost to be a parent

De'Avion Mahone , Shanel Shepherd

baby clothing

- baby clothes are sized preemie , newborn , 3 months , 6 months , 9 months , and 12 months.

tip - don't get complicated snaps.


- whether you use cloth or disposable your baby will probably go through 10-12 diapers a day

tip - make sure you have more than enough.

baby gear

- baby carrier: the baby gets to snuggle in the carrier and you'll have 2 free hands to tote everything else. you only need one unless you have a stroller.

tip - make sure all straps are secure.

breast feeding & bottle feeding

breast feeding & accessories lanolin ointment can help relieve sore nipples.

tip - you need as many nipples as bottles.


baby spoons - a rubber spoon that is easier on your baby's gums.

tip - keep as many as you can.

baby soothers , toys , and entertainment

pacifiers : calms the baby

tip - make sure its a safe size so the baby wont choke and keep as many as you can.

toys - keeps the baby busy.

tip - make sure the toys are soft and plushy.

entertainment - keeps the baby entertained.

tip - make sure its age appropriate.

sleeping - crib & mattress : a play pin for the baby.

tip - make sure its secure so the baby wont fall out.


safety gates - useable to block off areas of the house that might be perilous, such as the bathroom or your office. you can get as many gates that can fit in the house.

tip - make sure you get the right size for your doorway or area.


digital thermometer - to make sure your child doesn't have a fever.

tip - make sure to keep it with you at all times.