The most Dangerous Places on Earth

Los tres lugares más peligrosos del mundo

Deceiving Places

Why do people live in places like Japan and Iraq? Places full of deadly Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis. Hawaii has some of the most Volcanic activity, but people still go there to enjoy life and vacation. Places like Alaska, one of the most Deadly earthquakes happened there. They like it for the warm climate or the nice beaches. This is an article of why people like you and me live places like that.


Welcome to Indonesia

Sinabung, Indonesia a world where culture and cuisine are combined to make a place with great people and architecture. Where people go to relax and have fun at the same time, but what happens when Great Architecture meets destruction and chaos? This article will tell you why people live and travel to Sinabung, Indonesia and what causes such destruction and catastrophes.


Indonesia is Located in the Ring of Fire. The types of tectonic plates that are making Indonesia dangerous are called the Alpide Belt. It is where 5 out of 7 deadly Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanic Eruptions happen. The Pacific Plate and the Indo-Australia Plates are colliding the make seismic waves the tell people how strong the earthquake was. Earthquakes in Indonesia are very common, but why do people live there?


People live in Indonesia because of the warm climate and the large work force that America is pushing to make more jobs for American citizens. Indonesia is a place where people will go to vacation and travel there for business trips. The beaches in Indonesia are white sand with finely ground to small flecks by the Pacific Ocean. The palms trees that are there make it feel all the more wonderful. People travel there for the fine cosine as well the amazing geography of the land.


Why do people like to live here?

People want live in Hawaii for many reasons. 1 reason is for the warm climate. The weather is warm all year round. Another reason is for the food and sea fishing. The seafood caught there is fresh caught that day. Deep sea fishing is fun. If the boat renters took the boat out, theres your ride. If you are really risky, you can try and catch a shark. The last reason is for the ever-lasting white beaches. The waves crashing up on the shore is just beautiful. That is why people like to live in Hawaii.

Tectonic plates

The Hawaiian islands are the tops of a lot of huge volcanoes. The 2 plates pulled apart for each other which cause the making of the Hawaiian islands. Also the 2 plates pushed against each other which caused the Aleutian Trench. Hawaii is on the Pacific Plate. The Pacific plate is surrounded by the Australian plate, the North American plate, the Philippine, the Antarctic plate, the Nazca plate, and a few other. The divergent plates pulled apart which caused lava to sneak out of the crack. Hawaii is known for the “hot spot”. Hawaii is 2,000 miles away from the nearest boundary with other tectonic plate. When the 2 plates collided, it caused them to get forced up and caused the Hawaiian Emperor Chain.

Why so Dangerous?

Hawaii is a beautiful place but look out for those deadly volcanoes. Over the extinction of Hawaii, there has been a total of 500 people die every year. Most of the earthquakes have been on the Southern end of Maui. The biggest volcano ever in the world is located in Hawaii. It’s called the Mauna Loa volcano. This huge volcano covers over half of Hawaii. Volcanos are scary. They can cause a lot of damage. The first time this volcano erupted was in 1843. It has erupted 33 times. These volcanoes are not really deadly, they just keep making more land to add on the the island of Hawaii.

Alaska is Dangerous?

Alaska’s risk

Alaska is a cold place. There’s ice on the trees, snow covering to ground, and it’s people out and about. Most people go there to ice fish, skate, ski, and even to hunt. That’s why people live there. It’s not as tropical as Hawaii, but it has just as many fun and wonderful things to do.

The Plate’s

There is a downside to good things. The Pacific Basin Plate and the North American Plate cause trouble. The creation of that was valleys and mountains, for example Mount McKinley and Mat-Su Valley. How these are formed is from the plates colliding and pushing one plate up or down. If the plate is pushed up it forms a mountain and if it pulls away it forms a Valley.


173,449 people live in Alaska and take the daily risk. 131 people have died for disasters and dangerous activity. Costing 300-400 Million dollars. The biggest one in it’s history was a 9.2. The volcanoes on the other hand are not as dangerous as the Earthquakes, their VEI is a 4.1. A VEI stands for Volcanic Explosivity Index. The Frequency for earthquakes is monthly. Alaska is dangerous but is a great place to live.

That is Why People Live there.

Why do people live in dangerous areas? Well a lot of that is the weather and attractions or activities. Hawaii has the really nice weather and the long, warm beaches full of fun. The people in those tropical areas take a risk everyday and continue to but some say “It’s Worth it!”