The Sun and Moon

A tale of trying.


Long ago deep in Mt. Fuji, there was a god hard at work on the chariots of the sun and moon. They were to be driven by two titans and two very special gods. Those Titans were Helios and Selene. The gods you’ll soon meet.

Body paragraphs

Leto was in excruciating pain. She was having her second child (Apollo) and it had been nine days. She was ready to decapitate Hera because of her kidnapping the goddess of childbirth. It may be impossible to kill a god or goddess, but she still wouldn’t have a body. Now all the gods and goddesses (except Hera and the goddess of childbirth) were there, even Artemis, her firstborn. She finally had Apollo.

“Come on, Apollo! Zeus, our father and king of gods, invited us to Olympus,” yelled Artemis excitedly. “I’m coming, Artemis!”, Apollo yelled back rolling his eyes. After about five minutes, Apollo was ready so they used their god powers to teleport. “Hello, Artemis, oh and, Apollo, too," said one of Artemis’ best friends, Hestia. Little did thy know that when Zeus’ next son was born, Hestia would give up her Olympian place for him. They entered and saw their father and two other titans they’d never met before, yet somehow seemed familiar. “Artemis, Apollo, how are you?", Zeus asked sounding like a king should. “Anyways, the reason I called you here is because I’ve been talking with Selene and Helios…” (That was where Artemis had seen them. They were at her birth.)

“And they want to retire. So they want you to take over. Apollo was over the chariot Artemis would soon drive. (See what I did there?) However, Artemis was not so thrilled about that. She was pretty skeptical. She wondered, "What was Selene like?" She decided to say, “Yes” and try something new.

“Lady Selene, I have my own stag. May I harness it?”, Artemis inquired respectfully. “Of course, Artemis," replied Lady Selene. They harnessed it and took off. “Turn up here,” Selene said calmly. After they had finished, Artemis and her stag were exhausted. So they retired back to Olympus.

It had been two years since Artemis’ first ride. She had grown up and was ready for a solo flight. “Artemis, I think it is time for your first solo flight,” Selene said thoughtfully. As she got in the chariot, she started singing for some reason, “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky, I think every ride and day, spread my wings and fly away.” (There were other words but I don’t want SOPA to sue me.)


In the end, Artemis was happy she tried something new. She didn’t know if she would like it. But, you should always give something new a chance.