Shuttle Mir Program

By Garrett Bailey Per.2

Scientific Goals

1. learn to work with international partners

2 .reduce risk of developing and building the International Space Station

3. gain expierence for NASA on long term missions

4. conduct life science

Importance of The Mission

this mission was important because it was a way to make sure it was safe to build the ISS (International Space Station).

Dates of The Mission

The Mission was June 19, 1999 to November 27, 2007

Things They Took On The Mission

They took food, water, the first Russian to be on a shuttle. They also took a satalite to space to survey things for the ISS. They had to wear spacesuits because they would be going out into open space.The spacesuits had to have clean oxygen and carbondioxide. They also had to take something to deposite bodily wastes.

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