10th Grade MYP PLT

This is for all 10th Grade Students in all Academies!


Welcome Back! This week we need students to follow directions on submitting their Personal Projects. The directions for submitting are listed below. Also we need all students to take the club survey listed below.

2nd Semester Objectives

  • Completion of Personal Project
  • Approaches to Learning Reflection
  • Goal Setting for Next year (Scheduling of Junior Classes)
  • Reading for Pleasure
  • Career Interest Survey
  • Club Meetings

Personal Project Completion

ALL Personal Projects need to be Submitted by Tuesday March 5th.

  • Presentations
  • Written Reflection
  • Process Journal (Digitally, or scanned)
  • Artifacts (PowerPoint, or scanned documents)

Group A (Completed Presentation & Powerpoint in 1st Semester, needs to write the report)

Group B (Did not complete Presentation, PowerPoint, or Report)

Approaches to Learning Reflection

Weekly there will be an article posted to review in PLT. Students will complete review & ATL Reflection attached.

Week One: January 14th -18th Article Review Submission

Week Two: January 22nd-25th Article Review Submission

Week Three: January 28th-Feb1st Article Review Submission

Week Four: February 4th-8th Article Review Submission

Week Five: February 11th-15th NO ASSIGNMENT

Week Six: February 19th- February 22nd Article Review Submission

Week Seven: February 25th-March 1st Article Review Submission

2nd 9 Weeks

Week One: March 18-22 No Article Review Send me your MYP Personal Project

Personal Reading Reflection

Each week, students will submit their reading summaries. This is personal reading and not assignments for reading. Reading Reflections should be submitted here: