Period 3: 1754-1800

Miranda Armstrong 1/4/16

Washington's Farewell adress

In 1796 Washington spoke of polices and practices that he belived to be unwise. He warned Americans

  • not to be involved in European affairs
  • no "permanent alliances"
  • not to form political parties
  • not to fall into sectionalism

Hamilton's financial program

Alexander Hamilton, secretary of treasury, presented a plan to fix the US finances by 3 main actions

  1. pay off the national debt
  2. protect young nations "infant" industries
  3. create a national bank

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George Washington believed in neutrality and therefore, issued a Proclamation of neutrality in 1793 keeping the states from being involved in foreign affairs. Anybody who threatened this would be removed or prosecuted.

POL 1.0

The Federalists papers stated reasons for having a strong central government and Hamiltons Finacial plan would help strengthen the United states both were political ideas and beliefs that have changed and grown over time.