Scarlet Fever

What is it? Where'd it come from?

Streptcoccus (Group A)- scientific name

Scarlatina- most common name (more names: rose rash, rose fever, roseola)

How Organism Attacks And Spreads

Scarlet fever bacteria attacks by having any contact with someone having the fever and then through sneezes and coughs, little droplets can fly through to your mouth, etc.

Most common victims to prey upon is of anyone of any age but mostly children that are ages 5-12

Where it is most likely to be found: in the throat and nose, if find anything that is touched by ill person, don't touch it

Most common injury done to victim (symptoms, effects of illness)

vomiting, sore throat, fever, chills, abdominal pain, tongue may swell, red rash that may peel towards the middle/end of illness and it also can be fatal

Rate of degree of damage: it is very rare but some have kidney and liver damage and the risk of complications is low

number of victims (outbreaks, cases/year)

2 out of 78% of diagnosed victims die every year